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Happy New Year!

I haven't had a chance to get on here much since xmas as have been really busy with sorting out childcare etc.

I have now been back at work for two weeks and it feels like I never left!

I am finding the days extremely long and tiring but i am sure they will get better. I get up at 5am and get ready for the day. My 4year old is up and dressed etc at 6am and I have to give EMilie-May her breastfeed for the day. My 2year old is the last one out of bed. I then dorp my 4 year old at a childminder by 7am and my other 2 of at their nan's before driving 35miles to school! I have a wonderful time at school (except spending my lunchtimes expressing!) and come back home for my kids by 6:30pm making it home for 7pm.

Emilie-May is coping with being left just about. She is reusing to take any bottles at the moment and we have tried them all. I already had them from haivng the same problem with my 2nd son. SHe is however taking a variety of purees in place of milk. She love granny smith apples cooked and pureed. She thinks carrot is "ok" She loves her baby rice and her rusks. She "hates" plum puree and is not sure about cottage pie puree. I spend the weekend making all of the different purees for the week.

We have tried to reduce her dependenccy on omeprazole now that she is being weaned so far she is being sick but not as much as before. I just have to continue on the dariy free diet for us both.

She enjoys mummy coming home because then she has her next feed from me (about 12- 13 hours later!) So I always get a smiley face!

She is sitting up on her own now and loves standing up against the furniture or holding someones hands. She keeps trying to move her feet but has no real clue yet.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful new year with many resolutions!

Mine is to definately lose weight after my 4 year old said to me today. "Mummy- Daddy, Oskar and me will have casserole for dinner but I don't think you should eat because you are too fat!" He has a lovely ability to say exactly as he is thinknig without realizing he can hurt peoples feelings(he has aspergers)

Emilie-May will be 6 months old in 2 weeks - then it will be whizzing by to their first birthdays - scary. imageimage


  • hi alf n osks

    sorry not to reply sooner, havent really been in BIA as it used to be so quiet.

    You sound like super mum but dont burn yourself out hun, your schedule sounds absolutely gruelling. DO you do this everyday? I think loosing weight on top of all you have to deal with would be tough going!

    your children sound gorgeus.

    My henry is 5 and a half months. Im trying to teach him to sit and we're nearly there but he topples! He is such a little character. He's a big cuddly boy, with lovely chubby thighs and a chubby belly and he likes me to kiss his thighs and tummy and blow rasperries on them, he giggles and grabs my hair and won't let go. He has a big gummy smile and no teeth yet but constant threat of them! He's a good sleeper and sleeps through a fair but. He's 23 weeks and goes 2-3 hourly in the day between feeds - i thought i might have had to give him food by now, but we're finding it easier than ever actually so think we might be one of the few that make the 6 month mark. Im excited about starting his food but a bit sad the breast feeds will cut down so much.

    I go back to work end of april, 3 days, with one baby, dont feel i have the right to be stressed about how im going to organise everything but i am a little bit! Want to enjoy this special time now.

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