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any buddies?

Hi got my bfp this Saturday. this is my 3rd pg. 1st we sadly lost, 2nd is my beautiful don, 18 months old. hopefully will have some fellow august2012 buddies soon x


  • Congrats on your BFP image

    From my dates i think im 31st July so may well end up in here with you..

    Here's to a healthy & happy 9 months xx
  • Hi, I'm joining too. I've already got a 24 month old girl and got bfp yesterday although with this pregnancy I kind of knew earlier. Just felt different. I Joined the baby expert group with my first pregnancy and lots of the mummies still talk to each other almost daily so hopefully we will all get on well.

    Here's to an exciting 9 months !

    Oh my due date is 13/08 image
  • Can I join? I'm due 6th August, have a 2 1/2 year old little girl. Really pleased to be pregnant again, although morning sickness started this morning!
  • Hi ladies, I'm joining you too I got my bfp Sunday my EDD is 5 august. i also have a little boy who's 1, I also used BE when i was pregnant with him and hopefully wel have a great little group! X
  • hi

    me to,got my BFP friday,due early august,im so excited this is my 3rd baby,got a 4year old girl and 1and half year old boy.going enjoy every minute of this pregnancy as its going be my last lol.

    natty xxx
  • Congratulations on your bfps. My date is 27 th July but may well ehnd up in here too! X x
  • I'm hovering between July and aug too. Doc reckons 3 aug , I think 30 July. I was right last time!! I have a beautiful daughter who's 21 months. I sadly miscarried at 11 weeks last time but am thinking positive this time around.

    Sore Boobs today...but that's all.

    Hello ladies.
  • Hello,

    *think* im due Aug 6th. 1st pregnancy and in shock as wasnt expecting to get pregnant last month at all!

    Very excited and nervous as early days. Have booked a private 8 week scan on xmas eve so i can tell my mum and dad on xmas day as long as everything is ok.

    So excited to tell everyone.

    Also freaking out abit about symptoms as i had lots and now theyve eased off loads.. have been googling symptoms and apparently its normal for them to come and go to trying to stay calm.

    Congrats on all the BFPS x
  • Hi ladies!!

    My EDD is 3rd August based on when i ov and i'm 6 weeks today!

    Had an early scan this afternoon because i had some brown loss at the beginning of the week so freaked out. My last pregnancy ended in mc at 6 weeks (haven't had AF in between) so was so relieved to see a tiny tiny baby with a little flickering heartbeat today!

    I've already got a (nearly) 14 month old daughter and know K-LEE from the Born in Oct group *waves*.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all ladies and seeing all the BFP's for August come rolling in!

    SF xxx
  • Hi

    Like the OP this is my third pg, first pg is my DS who was born 10 weeks early (2lbs 6ozs) and is now 17 months, 2nd I miscarried at 6 weeks and now onto my third, so fingers crossed for a completely uneventful and normal pg!!

    Cos of my first being 10 weeks early I could be in here, July or even June but am hoping for August and figure we are all at the same point together.

    Have started feeling REALLY zonked by about 6pm and my boobs are constantly throbbing and the cold weather isn't helping lol

  • Sadly i started bleeding this week. the bleeding has stopped and have to take test again on Wednesday to see if its still positive. i having had any cramping and bleeding lasted about 36 hours. im trying to stay positive. i have had a miscarriage before but also have a healthy 18 month old! image
  • Oh Glimmer - fingers crossed that everything is ok! Have you been offered an early scan to check everything is ok?

    SF x
  • No, it was too early really to.see anything x
  • You're in my thoughts Glimmer. Fingers, arms and everything crossed it will be positive! X
  • Thinking of you glimmer x
  • *waves* hi Sf its nice to see you on here! And in glad everything went well at your scan, I cant wait for mine now, I'm really hoping that the next 6 weeks fly by without any problems.

    Hope everythings ok with your little bean glimmer. X
  • Hi Ladies,

    I have just got a BFP, I've been trying since Sept. This will be my 3rd baby, I've been having like aching in my pelvis a bit but nothing to worry about. I have used a conception calculator and it looks like I'm due 16th August. This is always the worst part of pregnancy for me... I can never relax until after I have seen the first scan. I think I may be a little bit panicky this time because my last baby stopped growing at 32wks xjx
  • Hi ladies, sadly I miscarried. Have been away from BE for a few weeks and now back ttc!! image

    Hope you are all doing well and hopefully will chat in pregnancy soon! x
  • oh no... gl glimmer got everything crossed for you hun xjx
  • So sorry Glimmer, how awful. FC for you and hope you are ok x
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