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One Born Every Minute - Back on!

Hi Ladies,

As you may know One Born Every Minute started again this evening.

Did anyone watch it and did anyone wish that the guy who punched the wall had broken his hand for his immaturity... urgh, could u imagine having him in the theatre when the baby was blue and needed resuss. Also, what a chunky munkey the bubba was 10lb 10oz... yikesy!!

Looking forward to next week image xx


  • Hi Smoochiegal,

    I watched it, absolutely love this programme! The guy who punched the wall was a complete idiot! I was thinking the whole time, this isn't about you! In contrast, the other young man, also aged 20, was totally lovely and it was amazing that he got to see his baby born before going back on tour.

    I have to say I thought the forceps delivery was pretty traumatic. My friend had a forceps delivery in August and she said she was crying watching it last night (so was I, but I'm struggling to get my emotions in order at the moment!). I'm glad the girl had her mum in with her; that was certainly the right choice.

    Can't wait until next week!

    Nic xx
  • I loved it too. That man/boy has got a steep learning curve ahead of him. I just kept thinking his parents should have put him on the naughty step. Feel sorry for his girlfriend if that is how he behaves in a crisis!

    The soldier story was so emotional, so pleased he saw his baby born but just so awful he had to go a day later. Made me really appreciate my hubby and the soldiers sacrifices.

    The forceps made me shudder!! I am terrified of them, more terrified than having another c/section. Brilliant programme.
  • What an idiot he was! He gave us people from Leeds a bad name!

    Loved the show though and cant wait until next week's! xx
  • I watched the last series and loved it, but found my birth experience completely different and far less dramatic! I had a number of complications (hypertension, back to back baby, a cervix that refused to dialate, baby in distress) but the whole experience was so calm and peaceful. Watching the show made me feel empowered though, and it made me really want to listen to the midwife which I think helped me through. The best bit is always seeing the baby in the mums arms though. Amazing! x
  • G/C- I love OBEM! That guy was annoying me a bit- I understand he wanted to see his baby being born and that he was worried about him, but to try and take off to the nearest pub... bit much I think. Who is that going to help?

    I was really glad the other bloke got to see his baby before going back to the army. I actually have no understanding of the army at all, but I really think that they should make allowances for things like that. Kind of shocks me that they don't seem to give a damn

  • Last night was the first one I've ever watched, can't believe I wasn't bothered about watching it before!

    That young guy certainly deserved a broken hand, completely pathetic and immature way to act.

    So glad the other dad got to see his daughter before he left, such a shame it had to be the day after though.

    Can't wait for next week, I'm hooked already.

  • my hubby said there is no way they're using forceps on our baby, I'm surprised she didn't get a c-section with a 10lb 10oz bubba. I've heard some horror stories about it damaging the baby... gives me the heebie jeebies but I guess it's easy for us to say no but when made to make a decision on the spot I guess you will do whatever to keep the baby safe. They gave her an episiotomy as well (cut her from front hole to back hole)... YIKES!

    I'm glad that the soldier got to see his daughter he said he was hoping to get home when she was 4mths but after it said he was posted for 6mths. That is such a shame because they're magic moments which can't be recaptured.

    I wish they did more than 2 cpls at a time image or was on twice a wk image
  • I love it! Although missed half of it through tears and sobbing!! They had to use forceps to get my chunky 8lbs 15oz DS out and watching that last night really made me shudder at the thought of it. My DH was pretty freaked out as well as the consultant had her foot on the bed whilst pulling and he was scared they were going to rip off our babies head! Was quite traumatising...

    That dad had attitude. At 1st I was a bit annoyed for him that she chose her mum, but clearly she knew what he would be like. If I was waiting 3 mins for my son to breath/cry I wouldn't have wanted him in the room!

    Yes, very moving and sad with the army dad image

  • any one no when one born every min is b on ? thanks

  • Sorry for gatecrashing but........aaaaaaaaw you got me all excited there thinking this was a new post about a new series starting lol.  Hopefully it will be back on soon, I havent heard anything about it tho image

  • Just repeats I think. Sundays at 7 on ch 4.

    Lu xx
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