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Flu Jab

Hi Ladies,

Had to go for some blood tests today to try and work out why I have been so ill, they're apparently testing thyroid, calcium, iron and vitamin D deficiancy... whilst there the nurse tried to give me the flu jab but I wasn't convinced... apart from that, they already have suspected that is what I have had, although I've had no temperature... so even if I did have it... isn't it a bit late in the day!

Have any of you been offered it, had it or going to ask to have it for this pregnancy?

The swine flu pandemic occured when I was pregnant with my last child and I refused the jab because the doctors said that it was unethical obviously to test on pregnant women and therefore there was no monitoring of what possible long term issues there could be maybe even years after being born. I felt that by having the jab I would be using my baby as a guinea pig... I'm not saying this is a sensible thought or not, it was just how I felt.

She said that pregnant women should all have the jab especially since there has been a recent outbreak of swine or bird flu in China again.

TBH it was a really hard decision for me the last time not to have it.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Hi. It can be a difficult decision to make. I have had my flu jab (even though I hate injections!) because I work with children in the NHS and wanted to protect my patients. As far as I know, there are few risks unless you are allergic to eggs. They are keen for pregnant women to have the jab to protect us from the complications of flu. It's best to read up on the facts, and then make an informed choice, but it comes down to a personal choice.

    LoobyLu xx
  • Hiya Looby

    I worked in the NHS myself when the swine flu pandemic broke out but not in an area where I had to have the jab. I think it's right to read the facts and make an informed choice, but it is a bit hard to make a decision when there is no evidence about the possible damage the vaccine could cause. They say it's unethical to test on pregnant women but think it's justified to give them a drug which hasn't been tested, which therefore makes those who are the first to have it (seeing as it is now combined with the swine flu vaccine)unofficial testers... NO!
  • Hi, i feel the same as you, Im not having it as I've read a few articles saying what is in it and I don't like the idea of it going in my body, never mind my baby's. Its hard to know if Im making the right decision as I would hate to get flu or swine flu whilst pregnant but Im going with my instincts which is not to have it! good luck with your decision x
  • Hi,

    I had it yesterday. I made the decision taking into account the case of the woman who contracted swine flu and gave birth to her baby while in a coma. I've never had flu of any kind but felt the risks of complications arising from it merited the injection. I've no idea whether this is the right decision and I desperately hope I haven't harmed my baby in any way.

    I've had no side effects aside from a slightly restless sleep - though I'm having a lot of them lately!

    Good luck to everyone in making their decision.

    Nic xx
  • Hey,

    My GP is also stongly recommending the flu jab but has said to wait until Ia m 20 weeks where there is just a tiny, tiny risk of miscarriage.

    I am not sure if I will go ahead, but I feel similarly to Nic-Nac that the benefits outweight the risk. That said I certainly wouldn't be doing it pre 12 weeks (but then I am a worry monster!)

    CeeLou xx
  • Hi. The NHS choices website says it's safe in any trimester, but I'm not sure what that's based on. Like I said before, it's a personal choice.


  • Oh no, I'm worried about having had it done in the first trimester now. My letter from the hospital said I should have it done before I go for the first appointment/12 week scan. I hope it's ok image

    Nic xx
  • Hey Nic-Nac,

    It's a catch 22 jab really. You have to just do what's right for you and follow your gut instinct. It's like the MMR triple jab, both of my children have had it cos I think that if a child is going to get autism it's going to happen anyway. I think the general consensus on the flu jab in pregnancy is to get it done, if what I had for 2wks over Christmas was the flu then I wouldn't want anyone else to feel like I did especially if you are further down the line in the pregnancy. xx
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