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Hi all

I have put my back out badly, I can't sit or bend down, but can lie down (with help from DH) and stand. I presume I've pulled a muscle? :cry: I've phoned in sick to work, and I'm waiting for nurse to call back. What painkillers can I take? I presume just paracetamol?

Any advice would be appreciated?



  • Hi Looby

    So sorry for you! How horrible. As far as I know, it's only paracetamol. I had some trapped nerves running through my arms when I was about 16 weeks pg with my ds and was given ibuprofen. I took it once because I was desperate but was very worried about it. I did some research and from what I can remember it is unsafe to take ibuprofen and especially early pregnancy. I would wait til the nurse calls you. Would a hot water bottle help? I have a bad back and the midwife has suggested getting a birthing ball and start using it now, maybe when your back is feeling better you could use one too? It strengthens your deep tummy muscles and back.

    Feel better soon x
  • G/C but paracetamol is the only thing you will be advised by pharmacy. GP can prescribe alternatives but you'll be advised to use 'sparingly'. If you have any ibuprofen gel you'll be administering a small amount directly to source of pain but again use it as little as possible.
  • Thank you. I've spoken to nurse who said just paracetamol, alternating hot and cold pads and rest in comfortable position but move regularly to reduce stiffness! Also warm bath - but will need DH to help me in and out - I feel like an invalid - it's horrible!! :roll:

    I've spoken to work and told them about PG, and they were great and said to cancel my work appointments for next few days. I also need to do risk asst ASAP as this happened at work, I think through a combination of carrying equipment, sitting on the floor, constipation (sorry for TMI!), pregnany hormones loosening things, and reacting to stop a toddler from falling back which jolted my back!

    Fingers crossed it will begin to ease image

  • unfortunately in the first 12 wks u can only take paracetamol, ibuprofen can be take between 12 and 32 weeks but only on rare occassions, co-codamol can also be taken after 12 wks. i suffer with trapped nerves and theres is a cream called algesal which can be used in pregnancy, and it also contains anelgesic, i find this really effective xxx
  • I was just going to come on here and ask the same sort of thing! I know paracetomol is safe, but I've had one dose a day for the last 2 days and feel I really need some again today, but don't want to overdo it. Any thoughts, guys?

    Sorry to hear how bad your back is LL. But at least work are being understanding. I've been sent home, as I tried to go in, but must have looked so bad, I was told to go home.

  • Hi Windy

    Sorry to hear you're still feeling bad. The nurse I spoke to this morning did not specify a dosage, but three doses in three days does not sound excessive at all. Maybe call your GP surgery for advice, the nurse called me straight back and was very informative.

    I'm still aching a lot, but some easing as the day is progressing. Going to have a bath now. I'm finding it frustrating to be off work but not able to do much!! Probably good for me and the bean though image I've also vowed to stop whinging!

  • Hahaha! I'm on whinging over-load! DH says I've temporarily changed my tone of voice. Headache seems to have eased, so I'm going to hold off painkillers for now.

    I wish I could have a bath! We only have a shower image .

    I'm also going to avoid watching One Born Every Minute too much, as I watched series 1 this weekend and had a dream that I had a caesarean. Definitely too much OBEM!
  • Aww you can also get those stick heat pads which you stick on the OUTSIDE of your clothes only. Maybe a warm bath with some radox muscle soak would be good, or maybe if you had the money you could speak to someone about having a massage to try and sort the muscle out.

    I've been suffering from headaches and I was only having x1 500mg paracetamol at a time which didn't touch it! I spoke to my consultant and she told me that I was taking a child's dose and taking 2 at a time is fine, I tried to only do that occassionally.

  • Thanks for advice. My back is feeling a lot better, although still bad when going from lying / sitting to standing. On the plus side I can now sit for a short time! image A warm bath really helped the pain yesterday - made me think about birthing pools! Also frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel and then wheat bags heated in the microwave wrapped in a tea towel, and lots of rest! DH tried massage! I've never felt pain like that before, so will try everything to avoid again!!

    I'm hoping to go back to work tomorrow if it continues to ease. I hate letting people down but physically could not have done my job yesterday, as I spend a lot of time playing on the floor! Getting bored of daytime TV! image

  • Glad to hear you're sounding more upbeat LL, and I agree daytime TV sucks! image x
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