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Indigestion?? Probably full of TMI!!!

I have been having severe, regular but brief pains very high in my abdomen, just below my ribs and moving down, but not lower than my belly button.

I had thought it was indigestion or trapped wind, (feels a lot like the severe cramping pains you get lower down when your just about to get awful diarrhoea) but its not easing.

Anyone else suffering (although I hope not!), or have any idea if I should get it checked out?? Annoyingly had an appointment with midwife today, but I was still thinking it was indigestion, so didn't mention it.



  • You poor thing! I am suffering the opposite end - constipation - glamourous business this!

    I would be tempted to call/email your midwife for advice. I know indigestion is common in pregnancy but the pain sounds horrible.

    You could try a warm milky drink?

    Feel better

    CeeLou xx
  • Hey Windy.. ive felt soo lousy today aswell!!

    Super bloated to the point i thought i was going to be sick.. and i havent been sick at all through pregnancy!.. Think its just been wind! (TMI) but was not good at all!

    This evening i have had a few sharp pains in lower abdomen but just hoping its the normal stretching etc and trying not to think about it too much!!

    Really wish we knew what was going on!! xx
  • Hi Windy,. I'm very tender around that area, it's popped out and gone hard but just cos it's number 2 so showing a lot earlier. I suspect your pain is because your uterus is growing and pushing your stomach and bowel further up. Do you have any history of indigestion, hiatus hernias etc? I would definitely call the midwife to put your mind at rest x
  • I've had horrible trapped wind pains down my side - really hurt like i'd pulled a muscle. I was going for a walk with DD which 'shifted' it! Maybe try a hot water bottle just to ease it a bit? Weirdly, if i get wind pain, if i massage it with my fist (gently) then that moves it all along. If it's heartburn, get on the Gaviscon - the sachets were my saviour with DD, esp at the end!

    Hope it eases soon!

    SF xxx
  • Hi, I've had upper gastro pains too, had them before pg but have got worse since, actually been in a&e twice as mine were severe and needed medication! I think you produce alot more acid in early pg Which can be very painful but all totally normal. If it gets too bad they can give you baby friendly meds but hopefully it should pass xx
  • As I had my head down the toilet this morning and my tummy was aching, I wondered if you've been vomiting at all too? It can hurt the diaphragm when you're heaving. TMI sorry. X
  • Thanks guys,

    I havn't had any vomitting really (once after brushing my teeth!), so I think it is indigestion. Although it DOES NOT sound as severe when you say that!!! I decided to take some rennie (apparently safe in pg) and it did ease slightly and the pain has been more occasional today.

    Its all just adding to the exhaustion, though. Being in pain is so tiring. Hopefully be over soon! 10 + 3 today!

  • G/C from BIA 11 and Windy, I'm SO happy to see you in here

    My DS was born in August 11 and this time you lovely ladies will have gorgeous scrummy 5 month old bubbas! Totally worth the wait xx
  • Can't wait, MP!!! Can't wait for next Christmas! xx
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