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What a week!

Just as the title says...! A couple of weeks ago I had some spotting, but only lasted 1/2 a day so just pushed on through. This week I ended up off work one day as I was wretching and heaving and felt so tired all week. Then Thursday evening, I started spotting again. Over night Thursday I had some strong cramps and still spotting Friday morning.

I was really starting to worry something was wrong so I went to the EPU Friday morning to get checked over. The Dr was sooo lovely, checked me over and then did a scan which showed a gorgeous little wiggly bean. I have never felt relief like it!

We have our 12 week scan a week tomorrow and I am hoping that I can then, finally, relax and enjoy this pregnancy a bit.

Hope everyone's ok.

CeeLou xx


  • Glad to hear everything is ok - and not too long to wait until your 12 week scan ;o)

    NTT xx
  • Glad all is well! X
  • Brilliant news, Ceelou- not about the puking and the spotting-obviously! I have my 12 week scan tomorrow too! x
  • you must be soo excited for your scan Windy! I hope all goes well, I can't wait for mine in 8 days image

    It was great to see bump on Friday but it was only brief due to the circumstances...

    Roll on 2nd trimester I say!!!

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