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We're having a helicopter!


We heard the baby's heartbeat t our appointment last week. It was amazing and so fast! image my DH then made a random comment: 'Do you remember the film Apocalyse Now? It sounds like the helicopter when he's lying on the bed reminiscing and watching the fan go round!' hence we are having a helicopter, which may be quite painful!!!! The midwife didn't know what to say - they must hear all sorts! :lol:




  • You can always rely on the men to make the most appropriate comments at the most appropriate time, can't you?

    I saw a Doppler in a sale for about ??30 and I wish I'd got it now, as my midwife doesn't listen to hb until 25 week appt. I really really need to know that I'm not just fat now!!!

    20 week scan in 1 week, 6 days!!

  • i brought a doppler and worried myself sick as i only started to hear something a couple of weeks ago. it said from 12 weeks and i was gone 15 when i first found it! saw the midwife at 16 weeks though and she found it first time!

    congratulations on your helicopterimage mine sounds like a train. baby boy number 5 on his way i think! x
  • Bring on the scans xxx Mine's 2nd April image
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