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Had 20 week scan today!

Hello ladies, how are you all doing? I had my scan today, it was amazing! Everything is fine so finally I might lay off the worrying for a while! Ive not felt any flutterings but the sonographer said that my placenta is at the front so the extra cushioning makes it harder to feel (plus my fat ha ha). Im relieved about that as Ive been worrying all week.

Good luck ladies with your up and coming scans xxxx

PS - its still yellow aas decided not to find out x so will have to get busy thinking of 2 names!


  • Yay! Thats so exciting! It seems that quite a few people get this anterior placenta thing- I wonder if I have too? (as I typed that I felt a funny jump in my tummy, so not sure!!)

    I've got mine next Wednesday- still wishing my life away!! How long did yours last? I'm hoping it'll be too late to go back to work afterwards, so I'm hoping for over an hour (am I being to hopeful, there?!?

  • How exciting! I have an anterior placenta too. I did first time round as well. I find I don't feel much right at the front but on the sides of my belly I get kicked a lot, especially when lying on my side. If you're feeling any funny, windy sensations then that's your baby, but you will definitely feel something soon!

    My scan was almost an hour Windy, if baby is lying in an awkward position they might even take longer!

  • Ooo so exciting! Mine is not until next monday (10 days away) but super excited! I have had tons of flutterings but none the last 3 days so slowly starting to freak out.

    How are the naming debates coming on? We know our bump is blue and got the list from 23 to 7, but neither of us love any of the 7, except one which I absolutely adore and hubby hates... grrrrr.

    CeeLou xx
  • Hi Poppy,

    How exciting really glad everything is going well and well done for being able self controlled enough to keep team yellow, don't think have that much will power!

    Windy, does sound like you can feel the baby, like Tashua says, it does feel a bit like wind and also a bit like a nervous twitch and really quick. If you sit relaxed on the sofa really still for a while and concerntrate, you'll probably be able to feel a few little pokes!

  • Thanks ladies looking forward to hearing about your scans.

    Windy i was ther for 3 hours altogether. and hour waiting for the scan, then the lazy baby was too chilled and wouldn't move so was sent for a walk and to eat some chocolate! I don't need telling twice to eat chocolate. so the scan was about hour all in all then had to wait to see the midwife, so don't think you'll be going back to work.

    I feel better that other people have an anterior placenta and its not just me ha ha. looking forward to feeling something soon.

    ceelou, don't worry my friend had same as you felt lots then didn't it will be fine so don't worry xx

    Names are a knightmare we should of found out as now got to think of 2 names ha ha. It won't be having a middle name as thinking of one is bad enough ha x

    Have a nice weekend everyone x
  • Fantastic. Mine is a week on Tues, can't wait image I'm still not sure if I have really felt the baby or if it's wind!

    Lu xxx
  • That's exciting! So pleased the scan went well. Just had my 20 week scan too, but decided to find out - it's a girl! Good luck with the naming game - we cannot agree on a single name so far, but plenty of time i guess!x
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