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Random Vomit out of nowhere ?

Just been awoken to a cough so went into his room and he had been sick all over his sheet in his cot, took him out and sat with him for 1 hour, he was intermittenly sick but seems to be okay now. Is this a normal occurrence ?


  • oooo nice!

    Raeya has done this a few times, her gag reflex is really really good!

    I think she breathes in her saliva and then coughs and makes herself gag, that's what its sounded like before anyway.

    But she was a reflux baby so I'm used to the sick image

    Rule out him being ill, ie is he taking his milk, does he have a temp, is he giving you wet nappies, is he ok in himself.

    If you're confident that he's not ill then I'd put it down as one of those things...

    Obviously if it keeps happening then check with HV or GP

  • He is okay in himself, but he didnt want any food at lunch today, not interested, only in his custard pot !
  • Could well be a tummy bug? especially if slightly off his food. Finley has had a sick bug before and the puke was different to normal milk sick-up, lots more of it!

    Just watch out for a temperature, if he gets one give calpol/neurofen image

    Also, don't panic about not eating solids if he's not keen just make sure fluids stay down/plenty wet nappys.

    Or... of course, it could just be a one of those one off gaggy incidents?

  • well it must be a bug because Ive had all day as well, I can only lie down, if I get up I am sick !
  • oh no! hope you both get better soon then!!!

  • Hope you're both on the mend now, it's horrid being poorly whilst looking after LO.

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