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Dog - oh what to do ?

We have had our dog for 4 years now and its getting real hard to give it all the attention it deserves. We are now discussing rehoming as we think it will have a better life elsewhere, have any of you got dogs and a baby ?


  • We have a Dog, and Lewis (born last august) and a 5 year old. We have had Button for 2 years since she was a puppy, but only got her neutered last July as she was prone to phantom pregnancies and was beginning to show signs of nesting where she became aggressive, not something i wanted to bring a baby home to....

    Button is VERY excitable around guests, and can be a handful!! She is a cross between a toy poodle and a minature daschund, so intellegent but adventurous and at times i wish dearly that we hadnt got her, she's always getting into mischief, always at the vets for something, always under our feet!

    But the children LOVE her, She used to be very protective of my bump and cuddle into it with her head resting to feel Lew-Lew kick, to the extent that i thought that she would be funny with the baby but it doesnt matter how much Lew pulls at her, or sticks his hands in her mouth she just nuzzles back into him. Lewis bit her the other day, and she yelped but didnt respond back in anger.

    I know how hard it can be juggling your attention between the children and the dog because there your babies too, but Baby is still young and were still all adapting to the new routines. Summer is just around the corner and you'll be out everyday again!

    Stick with it if you can as i'm sure you'd regret it if you rehomed. Best Wishes with your heartbreaking descision x x x
  • Hi

    We are going through the same tough decision with our dog who we have had for 3 since being a puppy.

    He is no longer a happy dog as he doesnt get the attention and has started playing up and weeing in the house etc . He piddled right next to where jacob was laid but luckily i smelt and cleaned before any disasters.

    Also our dog is very lonmg haired and loses lots of hair which gets everywhere and makes keeping the house clean hard work and Jacob has now developed a chesty cough which only seemed to disappear when our dog went to stay with family for a while .......

    we have come to a point where we are now looking for a new home as our little one comes first and i just dont think having our dog is helping at the moment and he would be better given more attention elsewhere

    its different for everyone so you have to decide if its just something that will pass or whether if like in our case its making life hell
  • Well, we've made our decision, my cousin is taking him for good, big decision but she loves him and has wanted him for so long, she has always been a massive dog lover and was looking to get a dog, she says this is just fate that we are looking to re-home. I feel much better about it now I know the person who is taking him, at 7 months Connor is still too young to remember him, so hopefully he wont ask me when he is 2 "Daddy, why did you get rid of Bailey" !!!
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