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Routines @ 10 months


Just wondering what your routines are now our big babies are 10 months old? I'm intrigued to see if we are the same or how different we are.

Ours is this:

Wake up 5am Zzzzz bottle

Breakfast around 6.30am

Sleep around 9am-10am (usually for half an hr)

Drink of milk when she wakes up with a snack

A play at home/trip out

Lunch 11.30am 12 midday sippy cup

play if at home

Sleep 1.30pm-2pm for an hour

drink/snack after sleep

play 3pm ish

Tea 4.30pm

Bath 5.30pm-6pm followed by Rusk/bottle

Bedtime cuddles 7PM

Bed/Sleep 7.15pm


H x


  • I'm back at work so I don't really have much input into his routine during the week. His naps seem to be all over the place in day care but as long as he eats well and is happy I dont mind. During the week he usually has a bottle around 4 am then up for breakfast at 6.30 and we leave the house at 7.15.

    When he is at home with me he is up 6.30 -7 am for breakfast

    Snack at 9.30

    Nap at 10.00 - 12

    Lunch at 12.15ish

    Out or in playing

    Snack at 3

    Nap at 3.30

    Dinner at 5.30

    Snack at 7

    Bottle, story and bed at 7.30.

    He's been on some crazy growth spirt the last 2 weeks and has been having bottles at 10pm and 1am too. Zzzzzzz!!
  • hi ladies

    maddison wakes around 730 to 8 on wk days but at wk ends will be around 930 she must know daddy wants a lay in lol

    breakfast around 9 then play time in or out mostly out not sure how i fitted in work before lol has lunch around 1 might have little half hr nap has bottle late afternoon and a nap around 4 tea time 530 to 6 more paly time bath bottle and bed about 730 to 8 but works well for us so daddy gets some time with her when he gets in from work xx
  • Thanks for replying....we are running along the same lines-phew!

    I asked the question because izzy just doesnt sleep past 5.30am and i wondered if i could change anything. When she was teething last week i had four 4am starts.Ive only had one lie in since izzy has been born because of iains shifts.Im use to it now anyway and i always get loads of jobs done in the morning so im not too worried.LOL.
  • Hi June09,

    Maybe her tea is a bit early and she would sleep a bit longer if she had dinner a bit later?

    Millie wakes up at 6 or 6.30 and has milk (still b/f)

    7.30: Breakfast

    9.00: Nap for 45 min

    12.30: Lunch

    2.30: nap for 45 min

    3.30/4.00: Snack

    6.30: Dinner

    7.00: Bath and bed time routine

    7.30: B/f and bed

    Millie's routine in the evening is a bit late but DH would not see her otherwise so it works for us. Millie used to go to bed 30 min earlier, but lately she was crying when put down (she is normally so good at just putting her thumb in her mouth and go to sleep) so we pushed it back and it works.
  • Jason is a really hungry baby and is very big so probably eats what an 18 month old does! (he's very slender though -I think he'll be like his daddy - tall and lanky). But he sleeps the best when he has eaten really well during the day. I moved dinner time up from 4.30 to 5.30 and introduced an afternooN and evening snack and he sleeps much better now. Its kind of like the evening cluster feeds when he was tiny!
  • Fathie - all jake does is eat too hes 23 lb 2 now but isnt a chubby baby . How are you getting on ?

    Minnie128 our routine is pretty exactly the same as yours only we do milk at 7.30 am breakfast at 8.30 am as my childminder does these and tea at 6pm

    he does not sleep properly at childminders though so misses either his morning or afternoon nap depending on whether he is with daddy mornings or afternooons

    does anybody else have problems with their babies sleeping in childcare ... xxx
  • MummyLintern, we havent started nursery yet, but I am a bit worried about sleeping there, as although it is in a separate area, there aren't any doors separating the play area and the "bedroom".

    Is your little one not sleeping there? xxx
  • He hasnt slept once at his childminders in 3 months ... until today when i had a word with her and said you need to force him to sleep as its not good for him not sleeping in the day and even if he cries to battle him to sleep

    think she got there today with him as she said she battled through and he went to sleep for an hour ! RESULT !!

    when are you back to work xx
  • Glad your little one is finally sleeping! He must have been shattered the poor thing! It was probably too interesting there to actually sleep image I'm due back in august think it will be hard. How did you find it? x
  • found the first few weeks ok and in all honesty it wasnt nearly as bad as I had imagined .

    still get good and bad days but guess we are always going to !

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