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How much milk?

Just as the title suggests, how may oz are your lo's having in a day? My little lady sometimes just doesn't want milk, which I try to increase the calcium through other sources, cheese, yoghurts, etc. But Just wondered should I be worried?

thanks Nic


  • Erin has 3 7oz bottles a day,but doesn't always drink the full bottle. I think you should be fine as long as you keep giving her yogurt / cheese etc. x
  • No, they are so close to one now I really wouldn't worry!! Sophia has about 8ozs in the morning and whole milk in a beaker in the afternoon! I'm not going to worry about it, she eats yoghurts, loads of cheese and custard (naughty) she's teeny anyway so will never be a chubber! xxx
  • Thank you. She seems to have knocked her evening bottle on the head herself now as well!

    Littlelyns, like your little girl, Emily is not the biggest of babies.

    Thanks you again.

  • i asked this to the HV as I am still bfing my DD but she doesn't drink much milk now: One big feed in the morning, a very short one at bed time and that's it. The HV said that 3 small cubes of cheese equals to a third of her needs in calcium. So as I give her porridge for breakfast, a yoghurt at lunch time and say some cheese or more yoghurt for dinner, technically that's enough calcium and she doesn't need milk. She still likes it though image
  • Ruru has about 8oz before bed and a few sips in the day. she has abeen a food monster and not interested in milk too much since she could eat!
  • Having struggled all along with trying to get Jason to take more than a couple of oz at a time he has turned in to a milk guzzling monster lol! He has 6oz in the morning 6 oz in the evening 10oz before bed and about 5 or 6oz at around midnight! My hv says I need to cut out his afternoon and midnight bottles as he is eating plenty including cheese and yoghurt - although he's not so keen on yoghurt these days. He is a big boy so needs plenty but he's still a slim build, just tall so I'm not worried.
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