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little bit of news if anyone still comes on here

not sure if anyone still reads this and didnt want to put on facebook just in case other people viewed it

i found out yesterday that i am pregnant .. due in early June so only 4 weeks at the moment , very early days so not telling anyone really but i just couldnt resist the urge to tell you guys

hope everyone is well xxx


  • Congratulations!!!!!! x
  • yeah congratulations and heres to a very healthy and happy 9 months well 8 now lol xx
  • Many congratulations.I bet your over the moon.Are you in the born in aug fb group? If you are, you must share it there! Wow,great news!!

    H x
  • huge congrats!!!!
  • Thanks - june09 bride i am but i was worried it might be seen by other people on my facebook account and not ready to tell the world as yet xxx
  • Awwww fabby!!!!! I saw you over in 'trying' forum!!!! Congrats!!!!!! It'll fly by now you have one!!! xxxx
  • Thanks littlelyns ! we are so pleased pretty much caught on our first real month of trying so was completely shocked but overjoyed . am just as excited as the first time which i was worried i wouldnt be

    not long left for you now hope your keeping well xx
  • Awww well my excitement is turning into freaking out!!!! hehehe!!!! You will love being pregnant, it's even better that it will go so quick!!! It's good timing too as you will probably miss any hot weather (this week has killed me!!)

    Good luck with it all!!! You will be off for booking in soon, then scan eeeeekkkk!!!! It'll be lovely!! xxx
  • yay!!! how exciting!!!!!! that's brilliant news image he he...go girls!
  • Hi,

    1st time I've been on here for ages.

    What fantastic news, huge congratulations!

    Really pleased for you.

  • Congratulations! So exciting! I dint think any of your fb friends can see what is posted in the bia group, but better wait anyway, I'm not a fb expertimage
  • yes didnt want to risk it .. cant wait to be able to tell everybody , got scan on 23rd Nov so fingers crossed all will be well so we can announce it properly , ooo who will be next .............. xxxx
  • Mummy Lintern me too... Im due in June 13th.... my little boy was born in August 2nd (although he should have been a July baby image ) congratulations x
  • just seen this heffalump looks like we are now sharing in the times for baby number 2 im now due 1st June so could be close again xx
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