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when are they too old ...

for some things. Like for instance Max still likes to wear a bib which is FINE by me as it makes meal times much neater and tidier but sometimes I think that he is too old for a bib.

There are other things but I cannot for the life of me think of them just now BABY BRAIN!


  • I so wish Noah would wear a bib!!! He wants to be like his older brother though and has refused to wear one for ages!!
    I guess he won't be doing it at 21 and that really would be too old so I guess just dint worry about it!?
    Maybe get him a fancy cowboy neckerchief to stop food spilling but itsnot babyish?
  • oh yeah another one is that when we are out he INSISTS on having a highchair even though fitting him into some of them is tricky! He has not had a highchair at home for goodness knows how long he just sits on one of our dining chairs so WHY he does this when out I do not know. He will have a paddy if there is no highchair available but then sit on an ordinary chair fine! In some ways its great for me cos it means he is restrained :lol: but at the same time it seems crazy at this age that he wants it and I am sure people look at me like I am mad!

    Julesy you are right and i know he won't be doing it forever but I guess while it is somethign he wants and that makes things easier for me I will go with it . Don't think a neckerchief would go down to well with him but I may well look at getting one and try it! THANKS
  • I wish Bren and Jacob would wear a bib, they both refuse and just pull them off. Makes me loads of washing to do unless I strip their top off before we eat which isn't very practical if out and about lol!

    Brendan will sit in either a highchair or normal chair but is often better in a high chair as he isn't quite tall enough for the table otherwise.

    You'll probably find as he gets older and sees other boys and girls aren't in a high chair or wearing a bib that he will stop wanting it too.

    I still have to get rid of the dummies ... just haven't been brave enough so far which is bad. And Bren still has a bottle with cows milk in at night and in the morning, more out of habit and because he sees Jacob having his, and I think he likes the comfort factor. He can use a cup totally fine and uses cups during the day for juice etc. x

  • Elijah refuses to sit in a highchair when out or wear a bib! lol. Think he likes to be free image
    I cant really think of any...hes never had a dummy so thats not an issue and the bottle has been gone for a while too...
    He does insist that i help him to eat but i think its out of laziness! Oh, I know; he always chooses rusks at the x
  • Fin hasnt sat in highchair for ages, we changed his at home to one of those easy cheap ones that are more like booster sit on your own chair... then montha go just say him on chair and he is fine!

    Still has milk in bottle at bed and morning - very bad i know but im not mega bothered!!!!

    dummies both kids have dummies - fin now only at bedtime and if has nap! but cannot bring myself to take away!

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