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Snatching.......... -after a fashion

I'm not quite sure how to deal with this as tbh when he does it he's certainly not trying to be naughty or mean.
I don't know maybe I'm making excuses but I feel when he's with other children and they have a toy, it's more to do with the fact he sees it whereas perhaps it gets lost amongst other things on the floor etc.
I'm not sure if I should be telling him off and treating it as bad behaviour or just calmly speak to him and explain someone else is playing with it. - does that make sense? How do you deal with it?
He's actually really good at sharing and waiting his turn at home so I'm always surprised by his actions when out........


  • I think it is pretty normal at this age, Brendan is the same. He can share really well sometimes but other times he sees Jacob or another child having fun with a toy and decides he wants it and just takes it. I usually tell him no and that he has to wait until the other child has finished playing with it and point out that he would be sad if someone did that to him. Then I distract him with another toy and he usually quickly forgets! x
  • yeah I agree with Liz- not so much telling Max off just explaining that he has to wait his turn for things.
  • Oh well, I guess it's normal then image I'll certainly not encourage it but I don't think there's any malice involved so won't go ott.
  • Same as the others hun. Its normal. I just ask him to wait and say the child will let him have a turn when theyve finished. If the child lets him have it, i encourage him to give them something else that he likes. Distraction always good x
  • I'm the same as the others, I just tell him that somebody else is playing with that and he has to wait and then take him to something that's free.
  • I agree too, def a learning curve for the toddlers!
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