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  • omg ru i wish i could give you a hug image
    what on earth brought all that on??
    has he been drinking tonite? has he got defensive becasue uve brought up the drinking thing??
    i hope youre ok??? xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Big hugs, I wish I could come give you a hug and him a smack too.

    Really hope youa re ok and he comes with some grovelling apologies.. if you need to rant more dont forget there is the fb group if you don't want to post stuff publically

  • Men can be inconsiderate bastards sometimes - Huge hugs from me too - wish I could come and give you a real hug too. xxx
  • oh god how horrid, Huge hugs and hope this gets sorted PROPERLY not brushed under the carpet for you!
  • Thankyou all. Sally I will hold you to that smack for him-lol.
    Drinking makes him loosed tongued...hence why i hate him doing it around me...and i dont think men can comprehend the word compromise either.
    Im going to bed now as im worn out, but i'll let you know how it works out still fuming and upset. Going to snuggle with my bubba now image
    Thanks Holly for talking me through it. What would i do without you all? xxx
  • More hugs coming ur way from me too. xxx
  • Oh poor you, sounds horrid. Hope you sort it out and soon x
  • Sending big hugs to you! I hope you can sit down tomorrow and talk about it and get it all sorted out. If it helps my hubby used to be like that when he drank whiskey so we agreed he can only drink 2 drams of it at a time and that helped a lot xxx
  • Oh hun, I'm so sorry to hear how upset you are. My ex used to be awful when he had a few drinks too and say really hurtful things. I don't even think they realise they are doing it. I really hope he has woken up today and apologised for what he has said, and that you are feeling better.

    Big hugs xxxx
  • Am feeling a bit better this morning & not upset.
    Ive tried compromise on so many occassions but i guess it doesnt work if someones not happy to compromise.
    No applogy this morning, i dont usually get one until i start ranting again. But wont do that this time, think its one step too far. Not sure what im gonna do but think i'll wait it out. Am much calmer. Thankyou all xx
  • Big hugs, glad you are feeling a bit better

  • We might be having time apart image Again, its pointless, he doesnt want to compromise and i dont want the issue to keep coming up. Got no apology, and he couldnt even remember what he had said that might have hurt me. Ive asked him to call his brother & stay there for a bit x
  • Poor you but sounds like time apart might be the answer - if he's not willing to try and help sort things out then you can''t just keep letting him get away with it - sorry if that sounds harsh but hope you know what I mean

  • oh dear - I think time apart is the way forward and I tend to agree with Kia if this is a sticking point that can't go away it sounds a bit insurmountable!

  • Hi - hope you're ok sweetie - thinking of you xx
  • Sending you a big hug, I really hope some time apart helps resolve it all so you can get back on track. xxx
  • Not really sure how the post started but I'm really sorry you're having a hard time ATM and hope that your time apart gives you both a chance to settle down a bit and reflect on what your problems are and how to fix them. Good for you for taking a stand though and giving yourself a chance to breathe as it sounds like you need it, take care and hope things work out the right way for you x
  • thatnks everyone. Sorry w4b, deleted post as im paranoid someone will read it that knows me!
    Im gonna put update on 07 forum. Things not too bad but im feeling just rubbish. Thanks for all your support xx
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