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for those not in the fb group or who aren't on fb..

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm pregnant again - due in November! One wiggly baby is making me very tired..and I've gone off chocolate!!

Cole is very cute..he sort of understands and he'll say ninite baby in the general direction of my tummy. He's also told me he'll share his trains and buses with baby.

Hope everyone is ok..and sorry I've not een posting much.. I've been soooooooo tired!


  • hehe - congrats and hope you regain some energy soon! I am fast loosing mine again at 31 weeks!
  • Thanks.. I need some energy desperately lol.

    At least if you got some energy back that gives me hope.. I need to sort out my house and put loads of stuff on ebay and I just can't be bothered lol.

    Hows max doing with the new arrival on its way? Did you find out the sex? I don't remember
  • Yeah I did regain some energy in the middleish trimester but it is definitely starting to wain again now. We still have a ton of stuff to sort out in the house like getting max out of the nursery furniture so we can move it and use it for the baby and therefore getting his new room sorted and OH GOD THE LIST GOES ON!! :lol:

    Max seems to be fine about the IDEA of a new baby - he is adamant he can see the babies feet through my belly button (uses it like a telescope) but will not listen to the fact he can't! The book 'There's a house inside my mummy' has been great he loves reading it and talking/cuddling my bump while we do! But I think the reality of a baby in the house 24/7 maybe different. he has 10 more days off full time nursery and then when I am off on mat leave he will be going 2 days a week still.

    We didn't find out the sex - didn't last time either.
  • Lol funny max. Hubby told Cole that he could talk to the baby through my belly button tunnel so we had a few days of him trying to do that. I think we'll end up buying one of those new baby in the house books but not 'theres a house inside my mummy'' cause it freaks me friend had it for her kids and it caused huge hilarity amongst a bunch of us when we discovered teh line about 'mummys door being rather tight'. yes we are a bit childish lol.

    Oh sounds like you have a lot to do... we don't have much to do cause we don't really have a spare room for a nursery.. box room is too small so cole will have to share his room eventually but theres not much we can move around. Ah actually I tella lie lol..we have lots to do - I have so much stuff to put on ebay and get rid of and stuff.

    I think the reality of the baby and shared attention is something at this aget hey can't really understand is it - but at least you'll have 2 days with just baby. We'll keep cole going his 3 days a week hopefully too to keep him in the same routine and give me time with baby.

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