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How on earth ...

am I going to cope with a toddler who NO LONGER naps and a newborn???? I was banking on max's naps to cat nap myself or catch my tail at least - oh dear dear dear! :lol:


  • LOL!! Hope your newborn sleeps well at night?! Have lots of quiet at home days with duvet and telly?
    Pack Max off to friend/rellies?
    Can remember being very tired a lot of the time but Zach was really good and it takes a while to adjust but I'm sure it will be fine!
  • I remember it well!! Bren was hit and miss with day naps when Jacob was born and even when he did have a nap it was never at the same time as Jacob! I never managed to catch up on sleep during the day. It is hard work but you get into a routine. I was lucky in that Jacob went to sleep for a good few hours when Brendan went to bed at night so I had a couple of hours in the evening to run around like a looney catching up on washing, cleaning, sorting bottles out etc. I had DVDs on standby to keep Brendan entertained when I needed to get stuff done and would just put Jacob in his baby bouncer and have him in the kitchen with me.
    I remember when Brendan was a baby I struggled to be dressed by 11am, with Jacob on the scene I have to get up, showered and dressed before hubby leaves for work at 7:30am or I stand no chance! Not easy when they are a newborn and you have only had a couple of hours sleep.

    It will all be worth it, fingers crossed you have a very very easy second baby who sleeps loads! xxxx
  • Thanks ladies - i know it is doable really but so daunting too! I keep thinking back to when Max was newborn (well even weeks and months old) and I had been up feeding in the night and hubbie would leave me in bed with the moses basket next to me and go off to work and I would often doze till 10 or later there is NO chance of that happening with Max about - like you say liz I am gonna have to be up showered at dressed before hubbie leaves which means 6.15 wak up call! ARRRGHHH the thought!

    Ho hum it will all be worth it and I can't wait really! image
  • I did find it loads easier getting into a routine second time round I have to say. Despite being tired I was more organised and couldn't believe how I'd felt it was hard work with just one to think about!

    I can't wait to find out whether you have had a pink or a blue one! Have you decided on names? x
  • Routine - hmmmmmm what;s that??? We didn't have one until Max was about 6months what with breastfeeding and what not! I am sure we'll be ok it's just the idea that's daunting!

    Names are a bit up in the air to be honest but we'll get there I guess - I am determined baby will have name and not be 'baby'!!! I still find girls names much harder than boys! We never had a boys name last time around!
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