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Scared stiff at 5am this morning



  • In hysterics Rachel!!! That is brilliant! Thats a great excuse if you ever felt like really doing it lol.

    Glad that Alfies not the only stinky baby!

  • Lol Rachel thats funny! Thats worse than me hitting my hubby in the face when sleeping!

    Both hubby and I worryw hen Cole is breathing quietly -s ometimes he's so loud and sometimes we end up lying awake listening to him breathe to check on him! Last night he slept from around 9.15 to 5.15..not that I did - hubby couldn't sleep so his fidgiting kept waking me up, then Coles grizzling woke me, then hubbys snoring!! Little bugger then wouldn't go back to sleep after boob and bottle so I'm tired. Of course he's sound asleep now but I can't lie in cause my new tumbledryer is being delivered between 8am and 6pm. Bloody rubbish..don't they think we have other things to do than wait in all day long! If it turns up at 6pm I'm gonna be pissed...especially as I have 2 loads of washing to do and don't wanna use the dryer at night cause i'll have to stick the vent hose out the window until we can knock a hole in the wall!
  • Ha`ha - ohs beware! Sleep deprivation's a really good excuse too....may try that one!!!
    It's a pain when you have to stay in. I was hacked off when the mw came at 1.30pm one day! It was a lovely day and we wanted to go for a `walk! Happy days once the dryer arrives!
  • Ooh tumble dryers - the stork should deliver one to every house along with the new baby - an absolute neccessity!

  • Dont know what id do without my tumble dryer. My mum bought it for me just before Alfie was born. We live in a 2 bed flat so def happy days! Highly recommended with all the bibs and muslins lo gets through!!!
  • the dryer arrived at 10.15. yay. am experimenting now but paranoid i'll shrink my nursing clothes! can't go out till dryer is done cause i have to put thevent out the cat flap and open the outer back door cause the vent hose isn't long enough to stick out the window! Hopefully soon dad will help us make a hole in the wall for the vent! The cat is gonna be so unimpressed when she sees her cat flap is blocked up!

    I'm even gonna put clean sheets on the bed! I haven't changed them in too long (i know..minging!!) cause of having too much other stuff to wash!!

    Its noisy though and I'm paranoid!!! I think I should just shut the kitchen door and put some loud music on!!
  • lol kia your cat cant fit in the vent can she?!
    when i got my drier before xmas they sed between 6am and 5pm so was up at the crackof dawn and they came about 2pm... grr!
  • Lol nope she can't fit in the vent - the vent was stopping her going out anyway. Poor cat she is not happy...nasty noisy tumble drier and it is blocking her cat flap. I gave her some catnip so she will be happier and stoned now!

    Thats a really really lame time for delivery hollylizzy.... I thought mine was bad enough!! I think the delivery companies must think we don't have a life! Mind you - Comet at least rang when they were 20 minutes away.. they said I'd get a phone call with a delivery time - I was expecting it the day before but i guess at least I had warning so i knew not to start a feed or a nappy change!

    2 loads of washing done and mostly dry... yay!! I have discovered though that hubbys work trousers are apparently dry clean only!! Good job they haven't fallen apart in the washing machine then isn't it!

  • Oops!
    My hubby blames his increasing beer belly on me shrinking his clothes in the dryer! I don't even put half of his stuff in it so he needs to diet or exercise (ooh that`sounds like me!). Shame washing clothes isn't a sport - I'd be an Olympic gold medalist!
  • lol alioli Sounds like my hubby!

    Alfies sleeping for quite a long time at night now (i know-you can all hate me!), about 7hrs. Hubby is doing my head in though-he reckons theres something wrong with Alfie because hes not waking for a feed. All he wants when he wakes up is his dummy and he falls straight back to sleep. Now i feel like a cruel mummy for not giving him a feed.
    Cant get it bloody right! Crying out for a good nights sleep but now hubby has planted the seed of doubt i wake up all the time to check hes not starving!
  • Gracie's the same, between 6 and 7 at`the mo which is brill and last nt she had her 1st bottle during the nt and actually went back in her basket...and stayed there!! Without all her usual noises too - I couldn't sleep for listening out for any noise! We can't win!
    I do same suzlong, if she stirs earlier than i want to feed her, i shove a dummy in and she sleeps. If they were hungry they'd wake!
  • I think every little thing they do we'll get paranoid about!

    I really shouldn't have been smug about Cole sleeping for 9 hours ..not after last night.

    Just for anyone who wants a you go.

    He woke up around 2am for a feed (bit earlier than normal but never mind) and half way through he pooed -so I figured I'd change him then go back to teh bottle rather than making him wide awake after a bottle by changing him. Clean nappy on.. more poo. clean nappy... more poo. Yep..stupid me put yet another nappy on instead of just waiting till he'd finished. Cue more poo. By this time I decided that I'd just go back to bed with him and give him 5-10 mins to finish pooing. Nice and warm in bed, on my clean sheets because I finally got around to changing them, tucked dressing gown around COle to keep him warm. 10 mins later, put my hand under his bum to pick him up to change him and guess what... I'd not put the nappy on properly and it had leaked! Had to wake hubby to help me sort me and lo out (good job today is his day off!!!) He cleaned up Cole while I took off pooey dressing gown, took pooey duvet cover off, put them in the wash, bundled up pooey duvet for later washing and found the spare smaller duvet, put clean cover on it, found blankets and put a load of pooey washing on!! Poor hubby was sitting in bed butt naked with no duvet to keep him warm feeding Cole!! I'm just so glad that I have my tumble dryer even if i do have to stick the vent out the cat flap!
  • The wonders of poo!!! lol Kia. That has definately made me giggle-sorry, i know its at your expense!!!
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