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10 days

Since anyone posted, we'll be gettin chucked off lol.

Hope everyone's OK, we are!
How's Xmas shopping coming along?! I have a few bits hidden away but not a clue what biggy to get Charlie n Gracie (and for bdays too!) but gettin the fonz a bigger bike. He's 5 in 2 weeks and loves school.

Post soon girls lol xxx


  • not even started for Christmas but I am thinking about it.
  • all good here too, we've just got rhys a battery powered ride on jeep, can't wait to see his face with it, but everything else I go to get him my mum's beat me too it ha ha.
    Struggling for his b'day, we were going to get him a vtech camara but my mums already got him 1 lol snd not got a clue for Alfie lol
  • ohhhhh - we ended up buying the first Christmas/birthday pressie today - it's gonna be from my mum and dad but Max is allowed it now so we get more use - his first bike image He was well excited with it but we have to order it from the shop so gotta wait and pick it up - I will post a pick of him on it once we have it.

    Otherwise since we are now away for Christmas (AVOIDING THE IN LAWS!) we will keep gifts minimal since the flights have cost us enough and we won't be able to take much with us. Think we are gonna get him his first crockery set for birthday - we've seen a gruffalo set and probably a polar zoo from duplo. He has seen a toy story duplo set that we might get for him for Christmas so we can take it in the suitcase and it'll be something for him to play with when we are away.

    There will def be lots of books too.

    Think Jack will mainly get Max's old things wrapped up and some clothes in sizes we don't have them in! :lol:
  • All good here too. I'm working a lot at the moment which sucks as I'm not seeing as much of the boys as Id like but I'm improving our current financial situation and hopfully working toward been able to do something that involves spending more time with them!
    Boys are fine - Noah seems to have grown up a bit in last couple of months started talking a bit, coming out of his shell a bit and even enjoying pre- school on occassion! Nowhere near him wanting to start potty training - he really hates the idea and I don't want to push it!
    Christmas !! I bought first present today - a table football game only a small version but looks good and was reduced to ??????5 in morrisons. More for zach, my eldest but hoping they can share.
    Was also thinking of a Battery powered ride on but not sure about cost or whether he d grow out of it too soon. Also my eldest would be insane with jealousy. Just got Noah a cosy coupe police car anyway as a neighbour was chucking it out and she said I could have it! Zach keeps taking it from Noah and the whole 'it's noahs' and 'taking turns' thing isn't working at all! Drives me insane and I'm not sure best way to handle it! Advice please Ali and anyone else with elder siblings!
    Which ride on did you get Becci?
    Great idea with camera too but again I think we'd have to get them one each which is just daft!
    Zachs asked for the sylvanian families windmill which seems extortinately expensive so he won't be gettin that and I'm sure if he'd not play with it but I did think maybe we could try him with something from the range that is cheaper if he really was going to enjoy playing with that type of thing!
    Too much to choose from really - DVDs,books, duvet sets, clothes, computer or wii games ( for my eldest) a whole host of toys and games!
  • All good with us over here ta =)
    I have been quite organised this year and have been buying bits and pieces since June for Christmas! Mainly just stocking filler type stuff as I find that is the hardest stuff to get last minute. I've been buying bits that I have seen when out and about on our hols so that hopefully they will have a few more interesting things.
    I'm not totally sure about what to get them for a big present. I was thinking about getting Bren a kitchen but until we have got our basement converted it will probably just take up too much room. I'm probably going to get him some more Brio train stuff for his birthday as he loves playing with the bits of stuff he has from last year.
    I've got them both a really nice bed throw with a rocket on it, as we are planning on putting bunkbeds in their room around Christmas so that will be nice for them to put on their beds.
    Good to see ideas of what other people are buying their los! We don't really have the range of toys over here you have in the UK so I have to be organised on order online!

    A sledge would probably be a good present, maybe even some iceskates for Brendan as we may have a go at taking him out this winter.

    As you say Jules too much to choose from!! x
  • am quite excited to start shopping for ryan this year, am looking at things like paydough fun factory, buzz lightyear doll, bike, hotwheels... its mad!
    liz i wish i could get some skates and a sled but ther would be no point until feb at least over here! lol xx
  • Julesy it's a 2 seater jeep style, so they can both use it together eventually. It cost ??????100 from the Argos clearance store on Ebay. Still expensive but most we were looking at were ??????200 plus and we've justified it with the fact that Alfie will get use out of it too lol.
  • Glad to hear everyone is getting on ok. We are all fine here just been really busy the last few weeks, Holly is starting pre school in the middle of October so cant wait for that, she is really looking forward to it! We are going up to scotland in a couple of weeks and I am beside myself with excitment, I havent been able to get up for 6 months!!!!
    I cant believe how close christmas is! Im not sure what we are going to do for Holly, we dont have the biggest of houses and storage is a nightmare but I think we will probably get her a bike and Im not sure about birthday ect. I know she is having a party which will cost ??????150+ so probably not too much maybe a scooter or something.
  • 10 days! Yikes we are going downhill image ..., I'm pretty much done for Christmas but I'm way too organised with it and spread the cost throughout the year. I've just got to divide the bits n bobs for zachariah between bday and Christmas. He's getting a retro trike for Christmas which I know he'll love.

    Boo the battery powered jeep sounds fantastic!!! Liz , zachariah has a kitchen which we put in our kitchen so we cook and clean together- could that work?

    I know Santa still has hs work cut out though but I'm hoping he'll get organised before November as I can't see much getting done with a monster toddler and newborn around!
  • I really don't start shopping for xmas til December late Nov at earliest but do make lots of lists when I think of things. It is hard with Lo b'day being early Jan. We really don't spend a lot maybe ??????50/??????60 the lot main and bits, so it's not a case of spreading the cost. And we haven't won't have a B'day party for him just a day out with the family.

    Father Christmas only buys one thing per child in this household too! The only disappointing thing is he is getting into Toy Story in a big way and wanted a Buzz Lightyear we said maybe Father Christmas will bring it but nanna went and bought a cheap one when looking after him (saying it's not a real one it doesnt have buttons) but I want my children to wait for things and now feel its taken away from the build up and excitement of opening one on Christmas image

    Liz - I had a wooden sledge as a pressie when I was little (Jan b'day too) - so little I can't remember and still have it now got some use last winter as a few snowy days here.

  • El- by spread the cost I meant to include all the other family and friends we end up buying for, we don't go overboard either otherwise it would get stupidly expensive. Last year it was next size up clothes for zs bday and one toy so it may be the same again. He likes clothes and tbh I'm already dreading the amount of things he'll get over December from aunts/ uncles/ grandparents etc...
  • Hi

    We all good just back from Spain.
    We got Jack some Thomas bits and My First Scalectrix so far and a couple of books.
    Mum and dad got him an electric powered motorbike and Jolly Octopus and mum in law getting Gator Golf.
    He loves Lightning MacQueen at the mo so will be on hunt for that and also Loader from roary!!!
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