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milk spots and dry skin

Since the day holly was born she has had really bad wilk spots which seem to be getting better one day and then are even worse the next. Also ive notices that on her forehead and between her eye brows there is some very dry almost sore looking skin. I put a little baby lotion on it this evening but im sure i shouldnt be doing that!
Does anyone have an advice? Thanks, Sarah x


  • Hi Its really common, i think every baby gets dry skin, just some more than others, Ellis has a dry patch above one of his eyebrows, i put baby lotion on him after every bath it won't do any harm at all!
    He also gets alot of spots, but they don't cause him any probs so i'm not worried but i am gonna mention it to hv just incase!!
  • Dr gave me some E45 lotion to put on Philips dry skin and spots, i've noticed his eyebrows are really dry, also the back of his ears!
  • try olive/sunflower oil, both are natural oils and unlike Johnsons type products doesn't have perfume or other nastys (some products actually have formaldahyde in them) and they are mineral based. I've used olive oil on my little one it clears dry patches in a couple of days
  • hv told me to use olive oil. we stopped using johnsons baby bath and the dry bits pretty much cleared up though
  • Olive oil or E45 deffo. Good bit o warmth would help, sun warmth, not central heating! Not gonna get that for a bit tho eh?! Ds2 had dry skin on face when 3month old (Dec) and we went to Portugal and it cleared without creams or oils. Bring on summer - they only get sweat/heat rashes then.....!
  • Sarah
    Amy is exactly the same as Holly but it has been getting progressively worse so took her to Doc's yesterday, he confirmed that they were definitely milk spots and also very dry skin and he prescribed her some cream called Cetraben for dry skin and eczema. Apparently you can buy it over the counter but it's expensive, so the nice doc gave us a prescription instead!

    I've only used it since yesterday lunch time and already the dry skin is improving but he said the milk spots could be around for another 2 to 3 weeks - poor little thing, looks like she's got acne and is losing her hair!!

  • Felicity is the same. I havent put anything on yet but I might try olive oil tonight.
  • oilatum works the best.My doctor said that babies skin is so sensitive so you can't put a name on skin conditions. My baby had chapped skin all on his face, I think it's due to the coldweather, becasue if you think about it, the face is the only part of the body which is exposed. I smothered the cream on him and his skin is now smooth.xx
  • My 6 months old baby got dry patches on her legs, arms and chest. Tiny red spots. Wat could it be
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