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Who came first...

Thought it would be nice to have a list in date order of the December Mum arrivals:

17/11/07 Callyb Girl Violet Grace (7lbs 7oz)
22/11/07 Rebecca26 Boy Tommy (8lb 3oz)
23/11/07 Tidsmum Boy Oliver (6lb 5oz)
28/11/07 Wingy Boy David (6lb 8.5oz)
07/12/07 Loublue Girl Phoebe May Emma (6lb 4oz)
08/12/07 Shell311 Girl Paige Pauline (6lb 20z)
10/12/07 Alioli Girl Gracie May (8lb 10oz)
10/12/07 Janemheap Girl Lily Faith (6lb 12oz)
10/12/07 Katielou Girl Freya (8lb 4oz)
11/12/07 Deborah666 Boy Caed Brannon (9lb 9oz)
13/12/07 Sylvie1978 Girl Daisy Mai (6lb 14oz)
14/12/07 Emalenna Boy Bryn Tobias (8lb 15oz)
14/12/07 Babydevilxxx Girl Holly (8lb 14.5oz)
16/12/07 Hollylizzy Boy Ryan James (8lb 9oz)
16/12/07 Amy Girl Mia Elise (5lb 15oz)
17/12/07 Hunibuni Boy Jack Charlie (6lb 14oz)
18/12/07 Vineishir Boy Shirvin
18/12/07 Annajumaizie Boy Wilfy (6lb 15oz)
19/12/07 Obi1 Boy Philip Charles Barrie (8lb 1oz)
21/12/07 Bluey Boy Elijah Daniel Neil
21/12/07 Suzlong Boy Alfie James Long (7lb 9oz)
21/12/07 Campbelly Girl Ella (8lb)
22/12/07 Kia Boy Cole Jacob (7lb 5oz)
22/12/07 npress Girl Sienna Lilly-Violet (7lb 10oz)
22/12/07 Swede Girl Felicity (7lb 9oz)
23/12/07 Clare20 Girl Romi Emmi Elizabeth (8lb 1oz)
24/12/07 Rachelbond Girl Amy Lily (7lb)
24/12/07 Emily66 Boy Henry Charles Oliver (9lb 12oz)
27/12/07 mummybec Boy Rhys (7lb 2oz)
31/12/07 Sarah+1 Girl Holly (7lb 1oz)
01/01/08 Becks1979 Boy Louie (7lb 8oz)
02/01/08 LizB Boy Brendon Markus (7lb 6oz)
03/01/08 Murlejust Girl Jessica Rose
06/01/08 El Mac Boy Oakley
11/01/08 Amani Girl Norah May Leslie (8lb 14.5oz)
12/01/08 Jillycat Boy Marcus Alexander (8lb 3.5oz)

If i missed anyone, or got details wrong let me know & i'll change the original and re-post it.


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  • That's brill to see Obi! 15 girls and 16 boys (if I can still count!) is a pretty even balance!
  • sorry obi david was born 28/11/07 he was originally due 4th dec came early by section x
  • Wow there are a lot of us!! Thats a good list image

    Cole was 7lb5 when he was born - and 8lb13 at 27 days old the porky boy image
  • My lo was born 24/12/2007 - Henry Charles Oliver - 9lbs12oz!
  • It's fab to see it all in black and white - it only seems 5 minutes since we were all desperate for our lo's to be born and now look at us!!!
  • wow i proper love that list!!
  • It's funny to see how the births are quite clustered together isn't it? Seems like there are loads of births on the same day and then gaps inbetween.

    Well done on having time to put it together! It is great to see how many of us there are!

    L xx
  • rhys was born 27th weighing 7lb 2 was due jan 9th
  • Wow, its wierd seeing us with all of our babies. Only a little while ago i was moaning about all that waddling and couldnt wait to be coloured in!
    Now my lifes so hectic i havent even got time to moan!!!
    Great idea Obi1. I really miss the other list (god im sad!)
    When are you going to create another list LizB?!?!
    Suz x
  • Thanks Obi1, you've done a great job. How strange that it's exactly 50/50 boys and girls.

    Shell & Paige
  • Well done Obi - was thinking about doing something like this - but I haven't had the time or energy to sort it out - obviously great minds think alike!!
    Em x
  • sorry to be a pain but could you add me? (I didn't put myself down on the due dates list)

    06/01/08 - El Mac - Boy - Oakley (was due Dec - 24th)

    Well done to you I can hardly type what with a wriggly little one on my lap!
  • Updated so far!
  • Could you add me
    Felicity born on 22nd December 7pounds 9oz due 2nd of Jan
  • Now my 1st reply looks like I can't count!!!
    Are boys once again slightly overtaking the girls? 19:17?
  • well done you - love the list! How the hell do you find the time though??!!
  • I will update the list when i have managed to remove the limpet for more than a few minutes!!
  • lol you are doing really well Obi, not sure what the next list will be ... maybe first words or something? Much harder to find the time now though!
  • Hi, Please can you add me to the list.

    Grace Rosina born on 08/01/08 weighing 8lb 5oz


    Bex and Grace xx

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