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This is not intended to scare anyone but just to stay vigilent. A couple of weeks ago me and hubby bought some clothes for Alfie from Mothercare. I washed them and put them away until he could fit into them. He put some weight on so out they came!
I dressed him in a pair of jeans and thought nothing of it. I came to sit at the computer (prob to come on this forum!) and something sharp pierced into my hand.
In Alfies jeans was a 3/4 inch pin sticking out. OMG i was lucky (and so was Alfie) that it wasnt sticking inwards as it could have caused some serious harm. :x
Since then i have emailed mothercare to make them aware that this has happened. In their response they have assured me that they have made the staff at that particular store to be more aware.
I know that this was an accident but that pin could have gone straight through Alfies leg and i do not want this to happen to anyone elses child.
I am forever checking his clothes now.
Im probably over reacting so just a message for all you mums to be aware.
Suz x


  • that happened to us too, if it wasnt for my husband noticing it could of ended up really hurting tommy and the clothes were from mothercare too x
  • Omg! That's so negligent of Mothercare. Glad your los didn't get stabbed - they get enough of those courtesy of the NHS! Jokes apart, I'll check too. Thanks for warning.
  • That is definately a worry rebecca26 when at least 2 people that we know of have had this problem.
    The thing that concerns me is that mothercare specialize in baby equipment and clothes.
    I just dread to think to what could have happened.
    Maybe you could email them too to make them aware that this is a serious ongoing problem?
  • i already have, well my husband has. what shocked me the most was the actual size of the pin it was like a massive sewing pin. mu oh thinks that the cashiers need to be trained properly to remove these pins if they are in alot of the clothes it cus even if effected only one child its still a problem isnt it x
  • i thought i was over reacting but the more i think about it the more cross i get to the fact that tiny babies could be seriously harmed by these pins.
    your oh is right-if youre going to do a job, do it properly
    cor i really do rant dont i!
  • OMG that is terrible, scary to think what could have happened. You are so right to complain to them! Wonder where they are getting them manufactured for such lapse care to be taken?

    Glad your los are ok and didn't get hurt.

    L x
  • Thats terrible, mhercare don't seem to be taking much care at the moment. I remember a while ago there bouncy chair being recalled because the material hadn't got fire retardant on it and then there play station thing got recalled because kids were falling out the seats hurting themselves!
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