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Hi... sorry need to have a bit of a whinge.... Feeling very tearful today - think its probably tiredness getting to me ...

went to get Bryn weighed today and both hvs that were there took me to one side and said they were worried about me because I looked so tired - gee thanks I thought :roll:... had Bryn weighed and he's now 12lb 9oz (image) which considering he's a month old is pretty impressive... the trouble is he wants to feed all the time - the hv said it looks like its purely for comfort 50% of the time because he's obviously getting enough milk from me so I've got to be strong and not give in to him - which is all very well but during the night its far easier to pick him up and feed him than try and get him back to sleep without a feed (he wakes up every hour throughout the night and stays awake for between 10 - 40 min - maximum amount of time he sleeps for at night is 2 hours at a time and thats if I hold him)

Also, does anyone else ache?? I ache all over - I'm not sure whether its how I'm holding Bryn or getting both kids in and out of the car - whatever it is I'm fed up of it!

Anyway, like most of us new mums I'm shattered and I think everyone around here is fed up of hearing about it now... so I thought I'd let off a bit of steam on here - so sorry about that - I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like everything is getting a bit much. Well I'm off to try and grap 5 min kip before he wakes up again.

Big hugs to everyone and their los. Em x


  • Poor you. Id like to see the hv stay up all night. Like you say, all very well in theory!
    Im glad you brought up the subject of aching because ive been achey on and off since Alfies been born. I reckon its tiredness - looking after lo and getting eldest to school on time! Nothing like a lie-in!
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Dont feel bad for moaning. I moaned more than anyone through the end of my pregnancy and you lot bore the brunt of it! Thats what we're here for
    Take care x
  • Hi Em, i know exactly how you feel.

    When Paige was about nearly 3 weeks old i went to the doctor because i was achy, very tired (not surprising), hot and cold, and felt as though i was going to faint all the time. Dr checked my bp etc and said i was probably dehydrated and over exerting myself.

    About 4 days later i was feeling worse and my left boob was incredibly sore, red and swollen so went to a different dr who gave me antibiotics for mastitis. Make sure you don't get fobbed off, it could be something treatable.

    I still don't feel great all the time and Paige is 5 1/2 weeks old now, i think part of my prob is she wants to feed all the time too, sometimes every hour, and i am tired and sore, and she vomits all the time too so i guess she feels like she's hungry all the time. She's putting on an amazing amount of weight, from 6lb 2oz born to 9lb 7oz at 5 weeks.

    I'm starting to consider using a dummy between feeds, but i've never used one before and Paige is my 3rd baby. I kind of feel like it's in place of a cuddle, but with a 4 and 3 year old as well i feel guilty about not having the time.

    Sorry to go on and on, i didn't mean to get so carried away, lol.

    Keep grabbing sleep when you can, Shell & Paige
  • Hi,

    I have had some lower back pain which I have been putting down to the acupuncture I had during delivery as they put some needles in there but it could well be due to bending down and picking up lo in a bad way.
    I was also going to suggest using a dummy to settle your lo during the night to try and reduce the feeds. I read somewhere that it can be a great way of separating out the genuine need to feed from the wanting something for comfort. May just give you a bit of a break so you can catch up on your sleep!
    Is there anyway you could express some milk so that someone could give you a night off? Sounds like you could just use one decent nights kip and that may be a good solution? I know its not always that easy though.

    My health visitor asked me yesterday if i was fed up with the baby yet!! Not really sure what she meant but made me a bit paranoid that maybe she thought I wasn't showing enough interest in him!! My oh was there so I let him hold our lo and do a nappy change etc as he has every Monday as paternity leave so I try and let him be more involved when it is his day with our little boy. I'm thinking this is probably why she asked but it did make me feel bad and wonder what kind of impression I gave her!

    Really hope things improve for you soon so you can get some more sleep. Don't worry about having a moan on here we are all here to support each other and help in anyway we can.

    L xx
  • My first and third had dummies - both from about 2 weeks old! Never found it interfered with breast feeding as a hungry baby will not be pacified with a dummy...but a sucky baby will be!

    Also my hips are really sore this time - I dont remember this being a problem before, just probably my age!!

    Em your little lad is obviously thriving on your milk, but I would definitely try a dummy to give you a break. Violet would be attached to me 24/7 alternating between comfort sucking and feeding, but I have had to be strict with it as I have other children and had to strike a happy balance with everyone! Violet is thriving and is a happy girl which makes all of us happy!
  • oh poor you Em - dont worry about moaning to us either, we're all the same!
    I felt like Lily was just sucking for comfort some of the time so i tried a dummy and she wouldnt take it but i bought a tommee tipee one yesterday that is similar to the closer to nature bottles especially for b/f babes and she has accepted it. i only plan on using it when i feel like shes not actually feeding tho. I still feel a bit achy 5 weeks on and get tired out really easily and ive only got 1 to look after - what a cheek to say how tired you look, what do they expect! Lily feeds alot too and when its especially intense i always feel kind of drained. take care x
  • Oh dear poo ryou. Can your oh give your lo a bottle at night, or an expressed bottle to give you a break?

    As for the aches - are you sitting properly when you bf? I have to really try to sit properly cause I tend to hunch my shoulders and then I end up sore - I'm gonna go for a massage friends bought me a voucher for christmas... that'll help I'm sure - can you leave lo wi th your oh and go get a massage anywhere to help with the aches? Or even go get a soak in the bath withs ome nice bubble bath and let your oh look after lo for an hour. Actually that sounds like a great idea... must talk to hubby about that.. image

    Hope you managed to get some sleep
  • Thanks everyone.. I have tried a dummy but he'll only take it if I'm holding him (and holding the dummy in which I know you're not supposed to do)... My 2 year old wouldn't take a dummy either but my eldest had one with no bother

    I do feel really guilty though because I have to try so hard to make the time to play with my daughter and take an interest in my eldests GCSEs (which he's taking this year) - and I just don't seem to have the energy or the patience - I really don't want them to feel left out though - especially as Bryn seems to be superglued to me! Not only that (O god I'm starting to go on again) I really can't face looking after my step children as well (they stay with us for 2 nights a week and they get here before my hubby gets home from work) - my own kids are hard enough to cope with!!

    Anyway its been a pretty awful day today and hubby has just told me we're out of gas so theres no hot water (we live out in the sticks and we're not on a mains supply) so there goes my soak in the bath I was promised for tonight- and at the moment it feels like the end of the world! - Oh for a very large glass of wine, a good nights sleep and a lie-in in the morning!!! lol

    Thanks again - I'm going to try and get Bryn off to sleep and then grab half an hour before he wakes up again.

    Em x

    Ps - I love all the baby pics - we all have such adorable babies!
  • Hope you get your bath tonight Em! Know you mean about dividing your time- it's bloody hard work! Is your 2 year old at home with you during day? Mine's mainly at minders/nursery but is ill at mo and it's hard having a clingy poorly toddler and looking after a 5wk old!
    As for baths - I had one last nt which was supposed to be relaxing...I spent 1st 10mins expressing, had 5 mins soak then heard Gracie crying..hubby not very good at distracting her when she's hungry! So much for giving her a bottle, she only lasted 1 1/2 hr between!
    Liz - can't believe mw said that to you! She obviously gets easily bored by newborns!
    Think I'm gonna book a spa day for my bday- only 3 month off!!!
  • We have gas!! So hopefully I'll get my bath tonight - had to go to my mums today for a shower!

    alioli - 2 yr old at home all the time with me and shes become very clingy since Bryn has arrived - and the 'terrible 2s' are here! Hopefully the local nursery will be able to take her for 1 morning a week after half term.... she can let off some steam there.

    Hope you're all fit, well and happy.

    Em x
  • Hope you get your bath. I'm having one tomorrow.. just asked hubby to mind the baby while I have a soak..yay! I might even open the bottle of sloe gin!!
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