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Do you still have to feed lo?

Just wondering whether everyone else's lo now can feed themselves?
I still need to cut up zachariah's food (which I expect is normal) but I also have to pile it onto the spoon or fork for him. He'll put it in his mouth unless tired. He can manage a yogurt but that's very mycha 'dip the spoon in and hope it sticks' method. image


  • I would say Holly is pretty much the same. If you put it on the spoon for her she can do it herself but I have noticed over the last week or so she is trying much harder to do it herself. She is great with yoghurt though xxx
  • We still have to cut things up for max but that has to be done before his plate touches the table. Once it's on the table he does it all and you're not allowed to interfere unless he asks for help which is rare! It is still messy and can involve cutlery or fingers but he does it.
  • Apart from cutting up Rhys does it all himself. Like maximum says he is still very messy and it ends up everywhere. uses cutlery most of the time but uses his fingers for some things.
  • LO seems to have taken a step back where food is concerned.

    He use to love his food esp hot meals and would wolf it down and cry for more. Now it's taking a hell of a lot conjoling (sp?) And as it's taking forever we do end up sometimes putting food on his spoon/folk or feeding him. This is a route I don't want to go down so we've been having a rethink he used to eat by himself at 5.30ish but now we are having him eat with us at about 7.30 (working fine at the mo but not sure how well it will work in term time) eating as a family is encouraging him to once again be more independent. As we are not just sitting next to him we are eating too. Also LO loves bread so we use that eat 3 and you can have a bit of french/garlic/nann bread.

    I don't think toddlers are expected to be able to use a knife and folk til 3/4 - my DD1 @12 still uses them in the wrong hands :roll: which drives me mad.

    So I guess the answer is LO can do it but is being mussy and choosing not to some of the time.
  • Elijah uses a metal fork and spoon and is perfectly capable of doing it himself but often asks for me to do it. It think hes realized its easier this way! He will also use his fingers too as well as cutlery xx
  • Bren can use a fork and spoon and I have given him a baby knife a few times but he tends to just mess around 'cutting' things on his plate rather than eating his dinner! A lot of the time he uses his fingers though which I haven't made a huge fuss about as long as he is eating as he still doesn't eat loads.
    Jacob feeds himself too, using his fingers most of the time but I give him a spoon too and he usually attempts to use it a few times and sometimes successfully.
    Meal times are very messy, to the point we often strip them both down to their pants/nappy at dinner time if we are having something with a sauce - particularly bolognaise as otherwise everything ends up orange!! x
  • fin has it cut up although does sometimes ask for his knife and tries to cut even more - just makes a mess!!! he can eat all his dinner if in the mood all by himself with spoon or fork BUT when not in the mood which is most of the time at mo we are even resorting to putting in mouth to get him going............................ xxx
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