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Back again

Hi girls, i'm back again but it's been a while since i've been on here. I don't know how you all still find the time.

We've had a bumpy few weeks where Paige has been sick on and off. About 6 weeks ago she had a bit of a cold which came with a face rash and conjunctivitis ( the doctor said she was probably rubbing snot into her eyes (gross)). Then about 2 weeks ago she had a few random blisters which we (meaning me, the clinic nurse, the pharmacist, and the doctor) all thought was going to be chicken pox. This came 2 days after Paige was eligible for the free chicken pox vaccine.

After another 24 hrs the spots looked like huge craters not the usual scabby chicken pox lesions and the GP diagnosed impetigo - school sores. I felt even more grossed out, where did she get it???? my other 2 girls (4 & 6) don't have it. Now, another 2 weeks later she has another virus with a rash all over her chest, back and tummy which is really itchy.

Paige now has a rash head to toe which is itchy, a heap of glandular lumps all over the back of her head and is generally miserable most of the day.

Her medicinal routine is getting to be a chore with antibiotics 3 times per day, antibiotic cream 3 times per day, paracetamol 3 times per day plus antihistimines 2 times per day, needless to say she is getting pretty fed up with the whole thing.

I feel so helpless and don't know how long it's going to take to ride this out (already 6 weeks and counting).

Hope you are all well, and i'll try to keep up with current happenings, lol

Shell & Paige


  • oh my god poor paige - i bet cause her imune system was doen with cold she has picked up all these other things........... bet your shattered if she's grizzerly with it - is she sleeping at night ok???

    I'll fill you in on us as much easier than tryinmg to read all old posts........

    me and fin are good he has started having temper tantrums and is a little monkey into everything. He still unpredictable at night and we have good nights and bad but i'm naughty and just bring him in bed so i know i have to stop!!!

    i'm pregnant - wasn't planned so still coming to terms with it a bit as were broke and only have 2 bedroom little house but we will cope i'm sure! due date 30th November 2009 so 17 weeks now!

    take care xxxx
  • Good to see you back Shell but sorry to hear poor Paige has been so poorly. Really hope she gets better soon, sounds like she has had her fair shair of being poorly for the next 18 years! xx
  • Welcome back image
    poor paige.. really hope she's feeling better soon
  • Welcome back hun, sorry to hear about Paige being poorly. I hope she perks up and returns to her normal self soon. It must be exhausting for you xxx
  • Good to see you back, but what bad news for paige and you having to deal with it all. Hope she ges rid of the rash soon, poor thing.
    Gracie also got a rash but put it down to having an ear inf and nose bleeds etc. She's ok but a bit whingy and fussy with food (has ulcers in mouth too).
    Get well soon Paige x
  • Oh bless little paige. Poor thing seems to have had more than her fair share.
    Welcome back!
  • Poor Paige hope all the sickyness clears up for her soon xxx
  • What a poorly little girl and they are just too young to understand!

    I think we're all on here a little less what with 18 months olds to chase after (and some with bumps or babas) and work too.

    I try to come on at leat once a week to hear all the gos, but most of the time ending up reading and running with no time to reply (doesn't help that I'm a 2 finger typer and this site is normally slow!)

    Try to keep in touch! The Dec mummies seem to be the best at this.
  • Hi good to see you back on.
    Our households sound quite similar. Jack got Scarlet Fever in March and was poorly for about 10 days. Docs said his immune system would be weak and he would prob pick up all kinds! He wasnt wrong weve had nan stop cold conjunctivitus 2 viruses with rash, sickness and poops and today beeen to docs again with rash which is Chikenpox!!!
    Luckily hes ok in himself and playing and eating well but i cant remember the last time i did a full month at work and i dont think they will believe me when i have to ring in AGAIN in morning!!!
  • Welcome back and hope Paige is on the mend asap, poor little thing.
    ........ Hope jack is too hunnibunni image
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