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I know everyone is really busy but any ideas would be welcomed :/


Hi guys

Happy NY and hope all had a lovely first chrissy with their little ones.

Alexandra is thriving. Was born 7lb7 and is now 9lb3 at 6 weeks tomorrow.

She LOVES breastfeeding which is magic after having a very colicky difficult baby (AS YOU BIDDIES KNOW ALL TOO WELL!!)

However, she's always wanted to feed fairly much constantly in the day (good night sleeper mostly, thx god otherwise don't know how I'd cope) and feeds still haven't spaced out as I had hoped they would have by now :/

She feeds mostly every hour and a half but in evenings, I am chained to sofa and feed constantly through to about 10.

This I can accept but a recent development is that if she isn't feeding in the day, she's crying and really crying until I feed her. Can't lie her down on her back anymore in cot as she just will not settle. She is doing power-vomiting and I need to keep her upright after feeds for at least 10 minutes to make sure she doesn't be sick (as once she is sick, not only is there the mess, but she wants to start feeding from scratch again!!)

I've wondered about reflux but it's not every feed and it's not AT ALL during the night (can lay her down after a minute or two after her night feed and she's never been sick in her cot). I also wonder if she is comfort suckling but I hold her tight to me while she cries (don't want to leave alone to cry) and she goes for EVER! Only feeding works.

Am a bit worried the constant feeding maybe is CAUSING the screaming between feeds - maybe it is a vicious cycle?

Really don't want to try a dummy as it was bane of my life with JUJU putting it back in on a night (and we have good night sleeping this time around)

Anyone had similar or got any ideas???!!!

Love Lizzie xoxoxo


  • i was going to say reflux too. dd had silent reflux as she wasnt sick after every feed just now and again and was still putting on weight well. the problem was that if i laid her down straight away then the acid would come up and and burn just like heartburn. sometimes it would make it hard for her to breath and this would freak her out and make the crying/screaming worse. sometimes the only way to calm and comfort her was to feed again as it seemed to 'force' the acid back down into hte right place again.

    other symptoms included:
    1) lots of hiccups and often really violent ones that made her sick
    2) lots of wet burps for a long time after a feed
    3) sick was often like cottage cheese rather than pure milk
    4) lots of sick at random times not just possets after a feed but up to 3/3.5 hours after

    i watched an episode of the baby whisper that was helping a mum with twins and one baby was exactly like dd. she showed the mum some tips to help calm the baby when a bout was coming on and in progress.

    1) babys legs get brought up with wind but with reflux they kick out and down
    2) swaddle baby when a bout was happening and DO NOT rock or jiggle the baby as this makes the whole situation worse. just swaddle tightly and gently tap and stroke the baby keeping baby over your shoulder and as still and calm as possible. she also said that when baby is screaming the arms wave about which stops them calming down as they are not aware that it is them controlloing their arms. this makes sense as if we were in pain/annoyed/upset then if our arms were being moved about it would just wind us up even more.
    3) change nappy before a feed as this can make it all the worse laying down atraight away (this was something that we did in SCBU anyway as prems dont like being moved about after a feed as the valve in the top of the stomach can be really weak and so prems tend to suffer more with reflux. if you have to change after a feed due to a poo then try to proper her up by putting pillows under the top of the change mat.
    4) palce a warm wet flannel over babys tummy in the bath and to keep pouring water over the flannel as it will help to ease any tummy pain or discomfort.

    hope that helps

  • Sounds like there's some ideas there already.

    If you do need to consider a dummy - why not just use it during the day when she's awake and having the crying periods - don't use it in the evenings or at night, just carry on doing what you're doing there. It may not work, but in theory you should get away with just using it when she's awake during the day (not guaranteed).

    Not ideal, but if needs much, it needn't mean the same problems that Juju had with needing to put the dummy in overnight.

    And well done with the BF. So glad that you're having a much better experience of it this time.

  • Does sound like the silent reflux we had with Lorelei- she would kick as Karen said and often arch her back with some force. We either let her sleep or settle in her rocker but wedged so that she was sat upright but the seat wasn't rocking if that makes sense? Or used V-pillow to prop her up. I know shouldn't use pillows but worked for us as rolled up towel wasn't enough and a wedge pillow she'd roll off.

    I'd recommend the warm wet flannel too as well as cooled boiled water to drink.

    Hope you get sorted soon as we were still dealing with this with Lorelei up until last summer as the constant bringing up affected her throat and she'd a constant cough as well then

  • SOme really comprehensive advice from Karen there! No more advice from me I'm afraid, just hope you can find something that works for you both very soon.

    I'm not totally against the dummy either, I didn't give in and let Skye have one until she was 4 months, and we managed to get it away from her completely at 15 months without major issues. Iit can have it's place, but only if you are comfortable with it hun x
  • Sorry not much helpful advice but I always offer this as an idea as josh was lactose intolerant...

    he was power chucking and screaming all day, it didnt start til 6 weeks and it wasnt properly diagnosed and sorted til he was 4-5 months.

    Its a bit of a process but maybe you could cut out dairy in your diet and see if it helps any?

    I hope you get it sorted soon whatever it may be, and hope you can be out enjoying the sunshine a bit!

  • I'm really struggling with the reflux as well so all these ideas are greatly welcomed. Charlie sleeps in a bouncy chair at night and generally doesn't vomit too much then. He also seems to vomit less if he's asleep/very relaxed. Sitting in the car seat also helps but I don't know why seeing as most advice seems to advise against that.

    If it's really bad then you can get medication (Charlie's on rinitidine and domperidone) but I think that's only given if she's losing weight.

    I would try cutting down the length of feed to 10 mins and the distracting her with something else. Maybe if she is taking too much in then she is getting uncomfortable. Try the Baby Whisperer technique of Eat, Activity, Sleep, You-time. You may find that she wants feeding every hour at first but then you can slowly stretch out the time (and increase the length of time feeding) until you find a happy medium.

    Good luck,

    H xx
  • Just wanted to add that having read BF's reply above, we got both the meds she mentions for reflux without Skye having lost weight, so it is possible to get them prescribed. But Skye was under consultant care and in and out of the childrens' ward at the time, so may be unusual! Skye's nothing if unusual LOL!! :roll:
  • agggggggggh this new site keeps not letting me in thrn i wrote big reply post just now n it froze n lost it so one finger typing now while bf.

    thx for replies. so kind. bad day today. doc on fri so will check up on few things then. i can handle cluster feedg but this is honestly unquenchable all day AND evening, i am feeling bled dry now! gave her dum to suck in total desperation today after 3 hours feeding all morn, her crying if not being fed after 2-3mins and then ju having an almighty toddler meltdown after doing really well n being so big n brave :/


    hels - i know i've nothing to moan about by comparison but gaz back atw=== wrk today after 10days off being there to help ju out - allowed me to feed her can't do it, too much on ju and am sure she is feeding because of but into pain iyswim. been doing weird high pitched screech noises when in cot after being zonked out, suddenly awakening with this almighty squeal nothing like normal crying. almost bird-like and then bit like out of breath high pitched mini screeches as i picked her up n calmed her down.

    crazy days.

    lotsa love xxxxxxxxxxx
  • josh was on domperidone and something else aswell when they thought he had reflux before the LI diagnosis and he def wasnt losing weight image

    that horrible crying josh had aswell and he took soo long to calm down I would be sobbing as he was screaming and then he would finally exhaustedly fall asleep again...

    for it to all start 30 mins later image

    I hope the doc can offer some other suggestions and be of some use rather than the crap HV over here!!

    big hugs, youre doing so well

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