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Catch up and quick question?

Hi all!

Sorry I've not been around much the last few weeks, the move went well but every single room was in need of a good clean and complete re-decoration. DH couldn't afford any time off work so I've been doing it all when I can fit it in around running around after Rachel - the kitchen, bathroom and halls are done, everywhere is clean and I'm tackling Rachel's room this room this week.

i was wondering - although I know it's early - if anyone has changed LO's cot over to a toddler bed yet? Rachel is an absolute fiend for climbing and I've caught her on numerous occasions this past week attempting to climb out of her cotbed, and very nearly managing it! DH and I are thinking this means we need to take the sides off, but I don't want to unsettle her by changing it. Equally, though, I don't want her to fall out of the cotbed trying to climb out of it.

Right, tea break over, back to painting whilst missy is sitting down quietly playing for once! Hope all biddies and boddlers are well.

Hannah xx


  • Hey Hannah!

    Glad your move went well, but sounds not a lot liek fun having to clean everything down!

    SKye tries quite hard sometimes to get out of her cotbed, so it's a good job she isn't any taller or she'd be off I think! I'm about to go teh other way though and get my hubby to drill an extra set of holes to take it down a few inches!! If we took teh sides off I don't think there would ever be any sleeping going on LOL!
    Would love to hear other opinions on what the best solution is though?? Happy painting! x
  • Yes - we switched about 6 weeks ago now without any issues. It did help that C sleeps on an open cot at nursery so it wasn't totally alien. We found him on he floor the first night before we went to bed, but we didn't even hear him fall out of bed so imagining that he got up and went to sleep on the floor.

    Only had one incident of him falling out of bed when he was teething and restless so all good as far as I'm concerned.
  • Iz, it's already been lowered as far as possible, now only about 2 inches off the ground! :lol:

    Kristin, good to hear that Ciaran coped well with it - I think we'll have to bite the bullet after the weekend when I've finished painting in there and see how she goes. Where did the time go - can't believe our LO's are growing up so fast!

    Hannah xx

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  • Great new piccie of Rachel btw! x
  • Hey Hannah

    Glad to hear the house move went well. We are hoping to complete in 2 weeks after 6 months with the inlaws!

    Anyways, changing from a cot etc...
    James is still in a cot as basically he never stops moving all night. The amount of times we check on him as he is banging up against the bars when he rolls over is uncanny! But, he rarely wakes up.
    I still have him in a sleeping abg because of this, the cover never stayed anywhere near him.

    Is it normal to go from a cot to a bed with say half bars on the side? What I mean, is the bar on the side that is sort of covering the middle of the bed? Or should we just go the bed without a bar? Also, with James moving around so much, should we leave it a bit longer?

  • Hehe, thanks Iz, I love that photo of her!

    Sharon, I think if James is still rolling around so much at night I would leave him in the cot as it is unless he's climbing out of it. You can get those fold-down bed guards to use though if you do need to change him over - pop one on each side then you know if he does roll in his sleep he can't fall out.

    That's one plus that Rachel stays put completely once she is asleep, bless her - it's just the battle to stay in the bed to begin with I'm not looking forward to! Safety gate is definitely going up on her doorway over the weekend.

    Hannah xx

    PS. Hope your house move goes through with no hassle, Sharon - you must have the patience of a saint living with the IL's for 6 months, I went mad after 3 days with mine!
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