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Lily and her toddler bed

As I was saying on Karen's thread, Lily has been in her toddler bed for just over a week now with no settling problems or falling-out incidents. Just wanted to share a very odd moment we had a few nights ago though, it freaked me out a bit and I want reassurance that this is normal and that it won't have upset her!

Basically, Lily had been in bed since about 6.30pm and at about 10.30pm I went in to put a blanket over her as I usually do when I come up to bed. In the semi-darkness I could see her sitting cross-legged on the floor next to her bed sucking her thumb - gave me an absolutely massive shock as we'd not heard a thump and there was no noise over the monitor. Quite apart from that, she can't even roll over, walk or climb (or at least, she doesn't realise she can) and she always goes down to sleep on her back, so how she'd got over and down on the floor I have no idea. I said her name quietly and she held her arms up to me and let me give her a cuddle and put her back in bed without making any noise or objecting - she was floppy the whole time. I have no idea how long she'd been like that or whether she was awake or asleep. She didn't give me any indication that she was awake, apart from the fact she was sitting up and held her arms up to me. Was she sleep "walking", do you think?


  • Just had to say PTB, reading your post freaked me out... This has never happened to me and if it did, I would probably poo my pants!!!

    Could she have been asleep?

    Very odd... I bet you had a bit of a panic didn't you??

    Sara x
  • I don't usually check on Abby so won't know if she was being quiet. However I have been in a couple of time after hearing bangs and found her kicking the cot in her sleep. Even more common is one of us going in when she cries to find her fast asleep with her head right up against the end. The best way to deal with that is literally grab her legs and pull her backwards across the cot. Then she stops crying and settles again without even waking up.
    I think it's quite common for them to do things in their sleep. I expect she was in that strange land between sleep and wake - able to hear you and make some normal movements but not awake enough to react properly. She went all floppy when you picked her up because it was a totally comfortable place for her to be, cuddled in her mummy's arms.

    H xx
  • Oh lorsd that has to be so scary! The girls are still in cots attempting the beds soon we think lol but if they did owt like that i would get freaked out but then i used to sleep walk but i dont now! Its just weird because Lily doesnt normally move a lot as you say....hmmm...perhaps her brain was trying to tell her she is ready to learn a new skill lol! As long as she seems settled still in bed then i wouldnt worry about her you probly were more bothered by it then Lily image xxx
  • scary! I sleepwalked and talked loads as a child until I was about 8 or 9 I think.
    I used to go downstairs to my mum and dads bedroom and just stand next to the bed... mum said i freaked her out loads haha
    I would have no recollection of it tho, I hope josh doesnt do this too!
  • Juliet still in her cot so no escapades so far....and am hoping to keep her in a cot as long as possible as she is a total climber/adventurer and I do NOT trust her in a bed one bit at the moment!

    Lovely visual though of Lily, all peaceful and sleepy like a little yogi. I'd have done a double-take too, I'm sure!

    not to hijack the thread or owt but is there some suggested age to move them from cot to bed? Juliet isn't able to climb out of ours yet as it has massively high that the cruicial moment, then? xxx
  • Still happily in a cotbed here too thank goodness! We'd have no rest or peace if the sides came off! Mind you, Skye can get her foot up over the side of the bath by nearly doing the sideways splits when standing up, so I'm sure she could at least try and escape if she wanted to from the cotbed...I intend to keep her "penned in" as long as possible LOL!!

    It sounds like rather a scary experience for you PTB. It does almost seem like she was sleep climbing/crawling?

    The most we ever get are lots of bumps and cries out during the evening and night, and Skye sleeps through them all generally.

    I'm sure she's none the wiser for the whole thing and you didn't scare her at all x.
  • We had another incident last night - at 4.30am we heard a cough (like they sometimes do before they cry) which was nearer than it should have been, if you know what I mean, so DH jumped out of bed and there was Lily crossed-legged on the landing outside our bedroom. Like last time, she just went floppy in his arms, came into bed with us (and Maddie - bit of a squish!) and then didn't stir until 6.30am. Who knows how long she'd been sitting there in the hall! Going to have to be super vigilant about shutting the landing stairgate. She doesn't seem bothered by it though which is the main thing!

    I'm quite relieved so many of you agree it would have freaked you out a bit too - hubby just shrugged and said "it's just one of those things", which I suppose it is but I tell you, my heart jumped into my mouth when I just saw her sitting there.
  • Sorry PTB but how old is Lily now? It would certainly put the willys up me!!!

    Luckily my boys are still in cot beds and won't be going into beds until they can't fit in them any longer!!! I can't be bothered with the 'rapid return' fiasco again for a while!!!

    Sara x
  • She's coming up to 19 months. Have peeked at her three times tonight already just to check she's still where she should be. She is - but she's also still awake, after an HOUR! Just laying there in silence sucking her thumb and looking around! I have no idea if she normally does that as I don't normally check on her until I go to bed myself.
  • We're still in the cot bed too- Lorelei is a wee climber generally but a bit small yet to get out of the bed I think. She'd just come in to us if we took sides off so not planning that for a while off image
    Would freak me out too -it is a bit strange but maybe just a wee phase. Though if she's not walking how does she get there? Should set camcorder up in her room- maybe she is walking but just pretends otherwise to get carried like that guy in Little Britain lol
  • Hee hee - I believe Lily can walk too. Far too intelligent to do it when anyone's watching though. Really starting to wonder how you coped. I'm getting OH to carry Abby up and down the stairs now as I find her really heavy and am bending my back to accomodate both her and bump. Luckily she walks most of the time.

    We've decided to put off the big girl's bed until we are well settled into the new house. I want her to feel secure and to know the layout of the house before letting her free at night-time. However it will have to happen before Oct/Nov so that LO can have the cotbed.

    Does anyone else's LO get their leg stuck in the cot bars? We suddenly hear a loud cry, rush upstairs to find Abby on her back with her chubby thigh stuck in the bars. She looks forlornly (sp?) at us and says "stuck". It's actually quite cute.
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