so annoyed

this may sound pathetic but it has really annoyed me. sorry its another MIL rant.

we go over there every tuesday for our tea as if we didnt then she would never see her other grandparents, but thats another story.

well on tuesday i told her that i was taking dd to clinic on wednesday morning to get her weighed. so when we got home i emailed dh and my mum in work and text MIL and SIL to tell them how much se weighed.

now i got a reply from mum, dh was in and out of meetings all day so i wasnt expecting a reply from him. now SIL with twins managed a text conversation while looking after the boys and painting the kitchen with her dh. my MIL who was off work that day on holiday hasnt even text a reply to say well done or even acknowledge that shes has done well.

now if it was the boys she would be on the phone straightaway to find out. its as though she couldnt care less about her. when ever i say something about her she feels the need to correct me, eg, she had a bad night last week with her teeth and when i saw MIL and i told her that she has been chewing franticly on the back and there is a big lump on the top right gum she corrects me and says 'oh she will have have one in the front on the bottom first you mark my words'

surely that as it me that put my finger in my baby's mouth then i know where the lumps is. i know that babies can cut the back teeth first as i did, at 13 months i woke up with 5 back teeth and nothing in the front. my dentist even said the same thing that she was a year old and people would say to her mum 'oh bless hasnt she got any teeth but she had a full set in the back but none in the front.

when the boys have injections she is on the phone and going over to check on them that night and the following days, but dd doesnt even get a single call to see if she is ok.

ok rant over, sorry for such an early moan

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