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Bye bye homebirth! :(

I had an appointment with my consultant today and went from a nice relaxing homebirth to an early induction in 1.5 hours. He took one look at me (very swollen) and sent me for an emergency scan which shows baby has gone from the 50% line to above the 95th in 3 weeks. Plus I have excess water. Now they're worried that if my waters break the cord may prolapse so I am going in Saturday morning to be induced! :x OMG I am not ready. I have spent the last few hours running around packing a hospital bag and putting clothes into the washing machine etc. Neither OH or myself were ready, I know that sounds silly at 39 weeks but seeing as today was my first day of maternity leave and Abby was 9 days late we weren't really thinking about it quite yet.
I'm terrified about the labour. No waterbirth. And induction nearly always ends in epidural, forceps, tearing etc etc. I'm pooping myself. :\( I just want to hide under the duvet until it's all over - anyone want to do it for me?

H xx


  • If i could i would....well actually maybe not i have to do it in January!
    Bless ya though i REALLY hope that all goes well induction doesnt mean all bad things image I hope it all goes well image x
  • Oh H, I'm so sorry to hear what happened today :\(

    I keep logging on and checking now and then in case there's a BA from you and cetainly wasn't expecting this!

    Hope you are as ready and you can be for now, and try and get some feet up time tomorrow if at all possible. I know what it's like to get no mat leave at least! ;\)

    I can't claim to have any idea what it may be like to get induced, but it must be the safest thing for you and the baby as I'm sure the consultant must have said, and that you'll be in very safe hands.

    I'll be thinking of you on Saturday

    Iz & Skye xxx
  • Arrrrgh Hels Bells - this sucks! Good for safety of you and le bebe though. Gutted you can't have your home birth as planned but.....HOW're going to be a mummy again reallllllllly soon!

    I'll be keeping my ear to the ground for news. Good luck - you're going to be great!

    Oh and p.s - I'll let you away with no Facebook message reply, just this onceimage
  • I was expecting a BA aswell!
    Gutted about no waterbirth at home, all I can say from my experience of being induced was you need to fight your case to stay mobile.
    You are lucky that you are full term and this is your 2nd baby so hopefully youll only need the prostaglandin (sp?) to get you going and not the drip.
    I was unlucky in that I was induced because josh was 5 weeks early and so they wouldnt let me go longer than 24 hrs whereas if you are term or overdue they will keep trying to induce you for days with the gel before they resort to the drip.

    I really hope it all goes as smooth as possible.

    Cant wait to hear what your yellow bump turns out to be!
    Good luck xx
  • Ah that's a shame about the waterbirth. Hope all goes well with the induction; I was induced with Al because I was overdue and I had a positive experience. I agree with Jess that you need to press them if you want to stay active as they like to monitor you a lot. I was allowed to use a bath (birthing pool at hosp was in use) so sometimes they will let you use water as well. Looking forward to reading your BA! x
  • I hope it all goes well stay active during it and it should be ok.
    I was induced for my second with the drip it took 3 hours to get a contraction and then once they started I only took 1/2 an hour to have her. and I had no pain relief only had a small tear that they left to heal. So not all inductions are drawn out and end up with lots of intervention
  • oh H, gutted for you about the homebirth, i know how you feel i'm still sad that i didnt get mine, but hey better to get baby out sooner.
    I'm sure the unduction will be fine, esp as it's your second, they may be able to break your waters fairly quick after the gel/pessary? Anyway, however it goes stay calm, you'll be great and abby will soon be a big sister yay! cant wait to hear s/he has arrived- wishing you all the luck in the world! xx
  • So sorry you're not getting the birth you wanted, I know we're told that anything can happen and plans can change but it doesn't make it less disappointing. I have to admit to still feeling gutted at having to have a section with Lorelei which was a far cry from natural water-birth however you lo is what matters at the min and I'm sure they're acting how they see fit for you both.
    And at least you get to meet him/her bit earlier than expected but safely too image
    Sending lots of love and luck and hope goes smoothly for you both x
  • Big hugs hon - really hope it all goes smoothly for you. I was induced with Rachel at 39 weeks due to PE, so I know the feeling of panic! Just wanted to reassure you that not all inductions are scary experiences (although I'm sure you're well aware). I had two lots of pessaries, a nice sleep overnight, waters broke spontaneously at 8am, contractions became regular at 11am then missy arrived naturally by 4pm. I only needed G&A, and found it all straight forward and well controlled.

    All the best, hope it all goes smoothly and will be checking in for your BA xx
  • Oh H, that's not good. Good luck for Saturday and hope all goes well.
  • EEEEKK, I know it's scary and sudden and not at all what you wanted but you're going to meet your baby soon! Just hold that thought, and also St Sarina's very positive induction story! Best of luck lovely, you're going to be great.
  • Thank you so much for all your support, it really is appreciated.
    I am still bricking it but I am now so swollen that am looking forward to getting my body back. I really hope they do allow me to labour in the water as my feet and legs are so swollen I can't even kneel down so moving position will be difficult. I'm not bothered about giving birth in the water as much.

    Thanks and hopefully have news for you all soon,
    H xx
  • Hope everything went okay yesterday hon, can't wait to read you BA x
  • I've been hoping all is well too. Thinking of you, Helen xxx
  • Im hoping everything is ok too, has she posted on facebook?
  • I'm on FB every few hours to see if there's been a BA!
    Hoping all went well Helen xxx
  • Me too! Though having had 4 days of induction before needing a section I know that that it isn't always a quick process. That said, if she was brought in early I'd have thought they would have wanted her to have the baby quickly.
    Hope all is well x
  • hope everything went well bf and you and your new baby are doing well. lots of love x
  • I got the news on Sun! But I'm not sure it's my news to give - sorry to be mysterious, just don't want to rain on anyone's parade. All is well, though! Yay Helen!
  • glad to hear all is well and that she still isn't in labour! xx
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