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not been on for a while so an update

well i disappear for a while and its all going on again.

ok so hear is our update, dd is really starting to settle into nursery thank the lord. the first day was dodgy no food, no sleep and unsettled at times. then she was much better the second day but tears as we were getting out of the car, clung to me while i tried to take off her shoes and coat one handed and then took a little while to settle. today her 4th day was really quite good, no tears as we went in, even managed to sit her on the little benches to take off her coat and shoes without tears. she cried for about a minute before settling, she even had a happy on her hand over sheet today. she now really starting to get involved in group activities and sleeps with all the other lo's.

she has come on in leaps and bounds in just 4 days at nursery, her words have exploded along with sentences, and suddenly she has started to pick up a fork and feed herself whole meals and makes less mess than when i feed her. until the last week she has been able to fork feed but didnt like to as her food was going cold and once that happens she will not touch it but now she is superfast.

she has also moved from hee spouted cup to an amadeus (sp) cup. after her first settling session she saw the other lo's (older) using beakers she when i gave her the sippy cup she just pushed it away but is loving the new cup.

off topic but the job i applied for back in august rang today inviting me for an interview in 2 weeks time. i had given up thinking i would be considered for an interview as it had been 3 weeks since the closing date so i was really shocked this morning. i have been in my current school since i was an NQT so this is my 8th year there. initially i was on supply to cover for the SENCO who was working in pupil referal for 1 term, she then got the job so stayed for the rest of the year, then another year then was made perm so i have never actually had an interview for a teaching job before so am pooping myself.

i am currently working 0.6 but the new job is 0.5 but with SEN points so i was to get it would mean a ??2000 paycut but as it is only 3 miles from home instead of 27 i should save about that on petrol over the year.

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