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spoons and forks

dd now has to have her food with metal forks and teaspoons. she has been fussing about at meal times for a while now but on saturday the dishwasher was still running when it was her lunch time so out of necessity rather than brilliant idea i used a teaspoon to feed her and wow waht a difference, she ate all her lunch and pudding with no issues at all.

all weekend i have been using teaspoons and our forks to feed her and she has eaten brilliantly for me. today, i forgot to tell SIL to use a metal spoon instead of plastic and she didnt eat so well.

another era has come to an end and our kitchen drawer is no longer full of tommee tippee bright pink plastic spoons.

its funny how she just decides one day that something is just for babies and she is a big girl now, was the same with the bath seat, one day she went in it no problem the next it was a 2 man job, tried her without and we havent looked back.


  • What is it about teaspoons?! Isaac loves them as well and always goes for one over a plastic spoon! We mostly use them now, one more less baby thing. All the baby equipment is going away bit by bit! x
  • Skye is fascinated by our cutlery, and now demands to sit on our laps while we're eating, and have some of our food of the big forks!
    She has a little TT metal cutlery set at the ready, but I have bought some spoons from Asda which are plastic with animal faces on them, and they're about half as much again on the baby spoons, but a bit big for her mouth yet I think!
    She also has a plastic spoon, fork, knife set and uses the fork to eat banana with quite well - Asda bargain again I think.
    Don'y think I could bear to hear her grinding her teeth on metal ones yet though!! She going through a teeth grinding phase again as the 4th molar grows through, *shudder*

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