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Going away :)

Hey ladies,
Well next week we are going away for 2 days! I have to go on a course for work to become a supervisor which i am so happy about better money and better hours and things and then they offered sam a cashiers job aswell so he needs to go for training and they are the day after each other in Glasgow! I couldnt of managed with the girls at home on my own while Sam was away as my mum is unwell with a chest infefction so isnt allowed near the girls atm especially Ella after she had the pnemonia because her immune system is comprimised. I cant look after the girls on my own atm because i feel so sick all the time with the pregnancy! I am 6 weeks 2morrow im pleased i have the symptoms but ive never suffered from sickness like this even with the twins!
The girls have never been on holiday before so me and Sam thought well we can go up on monday night and Sams training is for 4 hours on tuesday and then we can go out in glasgow stay tuesday night then my training on wednesday for a cpl hours in the morning go out in the afternoon and then come home wednesday night or at least thats the plan. Im not really looking forward to the 2.5hour train journey with 17mnth old twins ive pinched a portable DVD player for them to watch and taking books im not worried about Ella more Ruby because she doesnt always sit down and watch a DVD but leaving early we're hoping that were not gunna dress them and they might sleep for the first hour at least! This might be a rediculous question but do i need to take the girls carseat for them to it in on the train they are still in rear facing carseat because they are under 21lbs or will they sit on our knees....that will be fun trying to keep Ruby on mine or sams know when something seems a good idea at the time and on reflection your dreading it lol! Theres plenty to do when we are there though a sea life centre, museams, parks so hopefully if the weather is nice Doctors are happy for me to go even tho im exoecting i did check and Ella is fine because we are staying in the same country sort of lol!
So basically wondering if anyone knows about the car seat on train and will i be able to store the dble buggy easily or will i be better taking 2 singles just means when me or sam are in training we will have to stay in hotel with girls if we have 2 pushchairs! Also any ideas on how to entertain them on the train would be appreciated and do you think we will have any sort of problems with cots at the hotel they say they can fit 2 cots in the room but dunno if i should take a travel cotr or if its too much to carry thinking theres 4 of us + luggage anyways! I mean theres a cpl of other ppl from work coming to do training so we can enlist their help if neccesary....Am i mad?? I feel like i am lol!
As i said earlier too i feel so so sick so any ideas on how to ease that would be appreciated lol i was so lucky in the last 2 pregnancys! Im 6 weeks tomorrow so im going to join the birth forum and so far have heard nothing about early scan but i can see why the doc doesnt think it strictly neccesary after all it wasnt a MMC and was basically brought on because of stress with me being unwell and Ella being poorly all at once!
I hwvent posted lately but have been reading and replying where i can! The girls are an absolute joy atm and they are totally into each other again not killing each other as much as they were! Ruby is still always on the go where as Ella likes to sit quietly but thats just babies for you! Ruby isnt overly active for a child her age Ella is a bit underactive but to be expected with how ill she was this year and the fact she was prem and has a small hole in her heart! We have to see the consultant about that on 28th May as it grew slightly bigger when she had the could have shrunk down again hopefully but thats what we need to know!
Anyways thats all from me glad to see that everyone is doing really well image PTB Maddie is GORGEOUS and i so cant wait for my lil bean even though its ages away yet lol! Congrats to everyone else who is expecting and good luck to tose trying to concieve! Look forward to hearing your advice on how to cope on holidays haha x.x.x


  • Have a lovely time when you go away.

    I don't think you need your car seats as you're going on the train - I would have thought they will be fine on your knees - and it will save space as I doubt there will be much room for putting the carseats on seats or on the floor.

    If you can I'd take the double buggy as it will be easier for you to move around on your own rather than having to stay at the hotel - maybe check with the train company as to what areas they have on the train where you can store it - or best location for heading to to keep it up. Depending on the type of train, you may be best to head for a disabled bay (providing it's not needed for a chair) as you could possibly then leave the pushchair up and use it if the girls do have a sleep.

    I wouldn't bother taking a travel cot with you - I think you've probably got enough to take already! Make sure you've got details of who's promised that you'll have 2 cots and space for them - that way if the room isn't appropriate you can wheel out the details of the previous discussion and they will have a greater obligation to move you to a suitable room that if it's just a case of 'well someone said'.

    Ideas for the train journey - have you got an aquadraw or a jnr etch-a-sketch type thing? Maybe even just a couple of books to give them something to look at. I've not had to do a train journey with C yet so I don't have that many ideas.
  • Hello! I took Al up to Scotland in the train when he was 13 months old - he was really good and just sat on my knee for the whole 6 hr journey. I was hoping he'd sleep but was just too into watching people!! You won't need the car seats, they just sit on your lap or you can take them for walks up and down the aisles. Have a lovely trip x
  • I've done 4 or 5 hour journeys with Rachel a few time, never had a problem with her. I would recommend trying to get a seat with a table, as Rachel happily sits on there looking out of the window, as there's a bit more room on those seats too.

    Take the double buggy, there's large luggage racks at the end of each carriage and I fitted my travel system and a suitcase there no problem when I was still taking that. Only other thing I can suggest is plenty of snacks to munch on and some books to look at for the girls.

    Really feel for you with the morning sickness, I suffered so badly with Rachel. What I found helped was lemon & ginger tea, any citrus fruit at all (I used to suck on pieces of lime!) and fizzy tonic water. When I couldn't face even that, then I'd suck on ice pops just so I knew I was getting some fluid down me.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Hannah xx
  • oh lovely, had a fab few days away. my best friend lives in glasgow, she's theo's godmum, so we go up a couple of times a year, you'll have a fab time.

    i agree with hannah about getting a seat with a table, can you reserve them? when we took theoo to tenerife that was a 4 hour plane journey, and he was fine, much more interested in everyone around him rather than the toys and books i'd took onboard with us, but i was still glad i had them! i took a few lift the flap books, jigsaws, etc. have a lovely time xxx
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