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cuts and bruises

since the weather has warmed up and dd has had her legs out in the open she is covered in cuts and scabs on her knees and bruises all over her shins. makes her look like a proper little girl now


  • Aw Al too, I can't wait till he is more stable on his feet!
  • Funny we were laughing at Lorelei's wee legs last night. She's just covered in bruises n scratches from mucking about in the garden and climbing up the back steps.
    It is kinda cute as she's such a girlie girl and hardly lets us put trousers on her and she goes everywhere with a doll under her arm but has legs like a footballers lol
  • Abby still wears trousers most days but on her shorts days she ends up covered in scabs and grazes. She also has bruises everywhere from running into things or falling off things. She is definitely a little girl now and not a baby.

    H xx
  • Isaac's legs are covered in cuts and bruises as we've just come back from our hols where he was in shorts all the time. He really looks like he's been in the wars. Doesn't help that his favourite activity is climbing at the mo! xx
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