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Need more hugs - My poor baby....

Hey girls,

Well as you know Gabriel suffers from loads of ear infections, he saw the consultant at our local hospital 2 months ago... We were referred to Audiology for a hearing test, which we attended today...

They score your hearing out of 9 (strange, I thought it would be 10), Gabriels right ear was a 1 and his left was a 0.8!!! The doctor said he has substantial hearing loss!!!

Back to see the consultant next week with the results, so he can make a decision on what to do... I don't want my baby to be deaf!!!!!!

Feel even more sad today!!!

Sara xxx


  • Oh Sara, you're really going through it. Big hugs to you.
    I know it's difficutl but try not to worry too much yet until you've seen the consultant. Even if he is classed as partially deaf it may not hinder him as much as you think. I went to school with a girl that was fairly deaf - enough that she had a reception booster thing the teachers rung around their necks during lessons so she could hear them - she was still planning on becoming a dr and she passed her grade 8 Clarint exam with flying colours and played in the school orchestra. It can make things harder for them but isn't a barrier to achievement.
  • Oh no! Is it a permanant thing? I would have thought if it was caused by infections then it might be able to be improved by medication or surgery.

    I the mean time can you start baby sign? Then all 3 of you can communicate with each other whilst it's all getting sorted out.

    I really feel for you, especially not having your man to lean on at this time as well. Do you see your mum or someone on a regular basis to talk to?

    Good luck Sara,
    H xx
  • aw Sara, you're having such a time of it. Poor little sausage, I hope the appointment with consultant is positive.

    was very sad to read of the break up of your relationship. Stay strong. You're a gorgeous and loving person and I'm sure good things will come back to you.

    Lots of hugs.
  • I don't know what to say - you're a stronger woman than me, the way you cope with it all. Hugs, lots of them. xx
  • Goodness Sara, you poor, poor thing, and Gabriel too.

    Do they think it's as a consequence of all the ear infections? I really hope that it's not permanent, and they can do something to help him when he sees the consultant.

    So sorry to hear of your relationship too, everything really seems to be being thrown at you at once at the moment. Sending you big ((((hugs))) and let us know how you get on at the hospital xxx
  • Wow - What a response, thank you so much... Knowing you are all there to talk to is very reassuring...

    I think they are going to talk about grommets, but its done under a general and i'm really scared as he will be terrified... Do you think i'll be able to go in with him???

    My eldest Saul is starting at the child development centre next week, so hopefully we will get a definite diagnosis on him too... For any of you that don't know, we think he's autistic...

    Life is really hard at the moment, but i'm sure it won't be like this forever...

    My mum and sister live locally, so they are around, but I have fabulous friends who like to keep me busy!!!

    Thank you again, I will let you know how Gabriel gets on next Friday...

    Sara x
  • So sorry to hear this - hope there's something they can do to help Gabriel and that it isn't permanent. Fingers crossed you can get some answers for both your lovely boys next week.

    Hugs, Hannah xx
  • big hugs

    my cousin had gromits put in many many moons ago and it really improved her hearing
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