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Food!..oh yes, its me again : )

hi hope you are all ok, yes it is me posting about FOOD again!

i am going out of my mind, and need to here that someone is at least going through similar to me!! hope.. : ) maddox is so FUSSY it is driving me mad. All i hear is "oh he will grow out of it" "give him wat he wants" etc etc but when u actually have to deal with it every dinner and tea time, my stress levels are sky high! MIL has seen what its like with her own eyes, brekky isnt normally an issue, he used to have weetabix, and cheerios, went off the weetabix and i changed him to rice krispies, so he has a massive bowl of krispies and one peioe of milk roll with beaker of milk, we have had few tantrums when he wanted cheerios instead, but mainly brekky is a pleasant experience.
Then comes dinner.... every day he has sarnies. he isnt fussy on bread tyoe but he only had phili light with chives, or garlic. nothin else, that is it. he will sometimes have tuna apparently at nursery, but wont for me, if i put salad on he turns his nose up and refuses it. he wont have ham, egg, salad, or anything like that he does like jam and pate tho. he will have a jog and fruit. but wont have anythin substantial. he had an oatcake with phili yesterday cos he doesnt like normal cheese but refused one today!

he has no snack or just somethin healthy if he had his dinner early, and tea times are just mad. he used to eat all kinds of lovely home made dinners, now nothing! the only thing he will eat is baby heinz hoops in a tin. deadly serious, just them. and baby waffles and prawn crackers nothin else. doesnt like pizza, chips, salad veg chicken nuggets fish fingers lasagne spag bol cottage pie.scrambled egg...the list is endless i am going out of my mind cos all the things they say they shud have even a tiny bit of he doesnt, like pasta, veg, meat etc! i tricked him yesterday and mixed his hoops into some root mash and he ate it just cos it tasted the same as the hoops! im just worried he isnt getting the right nutrients in him cos he has been like this for months. he will eat things like crumpets pancakes etc but i really am at the end of my tether cos i dont no whether its a phase or he really will be one of those kids that is fussy!

i am sick with worry cos i dont no whether i shud just give him wat he wants, or try and teach him that that is his food and he will get no more. the last few months i have give him the certain things after like toast etc but ive recently took the new step of explaining that is his dinner, and he has been going without much food and that worries me sick! hes skinny as it is id feel bad what opinions do you all have what wud you do? was going to a concert monday for my birthday and maddox wouldnt eat his tea as usual and he had a tantrum but i cudnt leave the house till he had somethin we nearly missed the concert!! cos i felt so bad not feedin my baby so had to give him some toast!! he always puts his hands up to his mouth when i go near him with food, ive tried letting him do it, etc cos he does like to feed himself, and when i try he goes mad, and cries, i dont get stressed round him cos dont want it to be seen as an issue every meal time. so i take him down and explain that is his tea and leave it there for him, sometimes he cries as if he is hungry but still pushes it away!! then he will be worse cos hunger makes you more miserable doesnt it. ive also tried feedin him on his little table, up at the table with us etc

im drivin meself mad if im doin it the right way : ( any advice would be very appreciated x


  • Hi
    Sorry quick reply- Lorelei has started to cry as soon as finished reading! But just wanted to know if you saw the article in Prima B&P a month or two back with the super nanny dealing with a couple having same problem? I have it if want me to forward or can email it as it seemed to do wonders- Lorelei was bit funny with food too and I used a few of the tactics and worked well
    I'll pop back later or in morn when get the chance and write more if you like? Was mainly about not treating feeding time as a battle and giving little bits of food and leaving them to it.
    Good luck x
  • Hi, I know how stressed I get when Al refuses to eat something so my sympathies are with you! I'd second what Rosa says about leaving them to it - I find if Al is acting up then I just put some food on his tray and leave him to it. more often than not he will eat a little bit. If he's really not up for eating then I'll take it away and try again in an hour or so - usually when he's really hungry he'll eat better. hope that helps hun x
  • Thanks for the answers girls MC that'd be so good if you could forward that as I don't buy the mag, and it's definitely worth a try! I do like to leave maddox to feed himself as he is very independant and lives sarnies etc but any proper food if i left him it wud be on the floor in a second! I also take him away from the food if he throws a wobbly and take him back later I explain that is maddoxs dinner and he throws a wobbly and won't eat anythin but few certain things! It's crazy! My mum had him overnight last night snd finally now knows hard tough it is and how fussy he really us sometimes u feel like people just think u are a stresshead/ over reacter but mum saw the real maddox hehe I just said " I told you so!" : ) do u want my email address hun to send that article? Xx
  • MC, can I please see the article too.

    PL - you're not alone. Juliet = v picky eater. Eats like a bird lately after a couple of months of eating proper sized dinners (but only 2 things). Now, picks at everything even the two prevolious faves which I used to hide iron-rich veg in. Am trying different options now which aren't at all popular. Am considering introducing meat as she's stopped consuming drinks of milk *sigh* I'm waaaay less bothered about it than I used to be. I often end up giving cereal or toast if all day without eating a meal of substance. I try to leave a distinct gap take her out of highchair & then bring her back 20min later for 'supper'. Dunno if this is good idea or not; I refuse to be like a waitress at restaurant replacing dish after dish of unwanted food!

  • lizzie yes thats like us! am so glad am not the only one! swear am sick of my own posts and i cud write a book about fussy eating! thats wat i do, i refuse to make a big fuss so i take him down and bring him back but almost always screams and puts his hand up to his mouth and pushes it over the edge?! he would physically have toast and crumpets every day!! yes i dont replace his dinner ive told him thats ur dinner last few weeks and hes gone hungry cos i really want him to understand that thats his dinner and if he screams he wont get toast! its drivin me mad : ( swear ive tried all the tricks in the book! hes tiny so i worry that hes not getting what he needs he wont touch meat he spits it out! : ( x
  • PL yeah if give me your email I can forward article to you, I've scanned it into a pdf file x
  • Thanks Hun my email is [email protected], lizzie was also interested in this,

    well today was a typical day in the life of maddox the fussy eater, I swear we shud be on the super nanny programe cos he's such a serious case! today, we spent the afternoon with his cousin who is 4 months younger than maddox, he refused his sarnies even tho there he's face well the only sarnie he will eat! so I put that down to the heat, he had few bits after like banana etc, then tea time came and he had hoops that he normally loves and he threw the biggest tantrum ever!! He threw his sarnies, his hoops over the edge and screamed as if he was hungry I made him some toast... As usual! my sis in law couldn't believe it, her eldest was fussy but she said never that bad! I made him some mash with veg snd he was distracted with the tele he ended up earin the mash and veg mixed only cos it was mixed with the hoops do masked the taste, then my little niece had her dinner and after eatin one of maddoxs sarnies she sat and ate a plate full of potatoes, veg, yorkie and gravy : ( with fork snd ate the lot : ( wen I saw he pick a carrot up and eat the broccoli my heart just sank cos that's like a different world to me, I need help I need someone like a health visitor or supernanny to just help me : ( like now am in knots about dinner and tea tomoz : ( it's makin me bad my stomach is in knots x
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