How to lose 6 months!

Most of you will know the struggle Oskar has had to put weight on and to grow. On the 1st March we saw the consultant again who was happy that he was making some progress weight wise, despite being tiny for his height. He now sees the dietician regularly and has been given Calcuim medicine supplement to help his bones grow as he refuses all types of milk substitutes known to man!!

We had been celebrating his progress and thoguht everything was getting back to normal. However:

Last Sunday he started throwing up constantly this lasted until Tuesday night when he then developed diarrhea as well as still throwing up. He was unable to keep anything down including water. Still ill on Wednesday I decided to make an emergency appointment after work wed with the dr. They saw him and admitted him to hospital. At hospital he was given fluids and medicine to help rehydrate him and was weighed - to my horror he is now back down to the weight he was 6 MONTHS AGO!!

When the consultant saw him she thought he was about 8months old not 15months.

He has been allowed home as he has stopped being sick but still has diarrhea. They said he had a very bad bug that has been going around causing lots of young children to be hospitalised - there were 6other little ones in hospital at the same time with the same bug and all with drips to get fluid into them!

Oskar now has daily diarolyte to keep him hydrated and is starting to eat dry toast then it will be time to try and feed him up again - if he is willing to eat!

Hope everyone elses little ones are ok and enjoying the sunnier weather


  • Ah bless, hope he's better soon. There are so many virus' etc going around at the mo. My LO is picking up everything, feels like i'm living down the surgery. x
  • Oh no, how worrying for you. I am glad he is on the mend. Try not to worry about his weight, as long as he is healthy it shouldnt matter. Sounds like loads of cuddles are needed for the both of you!

    Congrats on your pregnancy too!

  • Wow, I've heard of weight loss with illness but that's incredible. If it helps my health visitor suggested trying to boost my daughter's weight with dairy products such as fromage frais and cheese strings. Best wishes and hope all is well.
  • Thanks for the suggestion unfortunateley Oskar is allergic to all dairy products as well as fruit and veg. This contributed to his tiny size and lack of weight to begin with. He is slowly putting weight on now and gradually growing. He has graduated to 6-9month clothes and some 9-12 month clothes. Not bad for a 16month old boy!!!
  • oh my goodness you poor thing, my ds had a bug a few weeks back that lasted 6days, he lost 2 lbs but thankfully he is well built so i wasnt too worried! what does Oscar weigh? Rafferty is 24lbs and has been this weight since he was 10months! think he is just more in proportion now as he was rather tubby before he started walking!!
  • Oskar weighs about 20lb now at 17 months old and is gradually growing. We went to a toddler group today for the first time in a while and he looks like a miniature - he was running around playing on the trikes and climbing on everything etc - children that were the same size as him were in the baby area learning to crawl! He doesn't realize he is small though and can be quite forceful and stroppy with children a lot bigger than him when they kept pushing him off the bikes and cars - he looks so funny as there are a lot of trikes that are still too big for his tiny legs but he climbs on them anyway!!
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