• I am and I look everytime \i am on but there doesn't seem to be many other people here.
  • Samantha was born Dec 09 but I wasn't on here so much back then due to working until wk36 of pregnancy.
  • I know I've come on now but no, I probably only check in every few weeks and because it's so quiet, I hardly do that anymore. Sad really, given what we went through but a fact of life I suppose, plus the BE changes really pissed me off xx
  • how si everyone's LOs doing?
  • Oskar is making some progress. He is 18 months old next week and is now into his 9-12 month clothing. We are still really struglling to get shoes to fit him. Clarks don't start their sandals until a size 4 and he's not big enough to fit into a 4 yet!! He has to have his trainers ordered in as they don't stock them in store that small.

    He is starting to eat a bit more now and enjoys sitting on a booster seat at the table instead of fighting the highchair. Still has a lovely rstricted diet because o his allergy to dairy, fruit and veg. (every older kids dream!)

    He still looks like such a cute tiny baby but appearances are deceiving. He is notorious for climbing on everything and can not be left for a second - he tries to run into a different room to cause mischief. He climbs up the settee and stands on the back before jumping off. He climbs on the dining room chairs then onto the table before trying to jump off.

    He most recent trick is climbing out of his cot and head diving to the floor!! We are now having to invest in bunkbeds a little earlier so he can share a room with his 4year old brother. So he will be going into a proper bed - missing the toddler bed stage as we have nowhere for one to go.

    He now has 6 teeth but still doesn't speak(apart from calling everything da) - he is seeing a speech and langauge therapist once a month and I have been teaching him Makaton sign language - he now says please and thank you for things for the first time ever.

    He loves being naughty and playing with his big brother - or argueing over who is playing with which car and has quite a temper on him.

    After 7 months of putting him to bed awake every night he still hates it and can scream for up to 2 hours before sleeping. But he is getting better at sleeping all the way through the night unless poorly. So he sleeps from about 10pm til 6am. He then resists but will usually go down for 1hour during the day.

    He is being reviewed again for his size when he is 2 to see if his calcuim tablets have helped his bones to grow.

    He is growing into such an adorable cheeky boy who will randomly kiss and cuddle us before running off and doing something he isn't supposed to and loves bieng outdoors!

    How is your LO doing?
  • he's doing fine thanks. he was 18months old a couple of days ago and is so unbelievably close to walking on his own. he'll cruise very happily but in the past couple of days he has walked across a room on his own but loves crawling! i'm sure he'll do it very soon.

    he's got loads of top teeth and a few bottom teeth but every week or so we start to see another one start to pop through. his eating is fine - usually everything in sight! chicken and fish are the firm favs so if he's having a silly bugger day then at least i know chicken or fish will go in!

    since i went off work we've been going to playgroup on a thursday morning and he's getting better and better with interacting with other kids. he says ta when he wants something, dada, car, and cat is apparently t. he seems to have a word for everything and seems to know what he wants to call everything
  • Hi

    I very rarely check on here anymore. I've found a new forum but I wont name it here because whenever I do my posts get removed (thanks Ed. if you're reading this!).

    Eddison is well. He's still very dinky - scrapes 22lbs and just into 12-18mth clothes. Nights are still a challenge for us, he sleeps through maybe once or twice a week but even when he does it's a 5:45-6am start. He's beginning to say a few words - Ta, May (mummy), meow, quack, moo, beep, uh-oh, yeah and he'll shake his head for "no". His understanding is improving and he'll obey simple instructions.

    We've recently moved house and I'm much happier in our new area. But my hubby leaves 21st Aug for 4 months in The Falklands as part of his RAF service and I'm not looking forward to being a single parent. My eldest starts school in Sept which is exciting and scary in equal measures!

    Liz x
  • Samantha isn't too bad. She's very tall but slender meaning she's in a mix of 12-18mth and 18-24mth clothing. Her feet seem huge (size 6). She certainly understands and responds to what's being said to her but it would be nice if she started talking some more herself.
  • Pixie woo - Oskar is still very dinky as well. When he was weighed a week ago by hv he had just made it to 21lb and had put on a grad total of 600g in 6 months!! H is in 9-12month clothing now and the occasional 12-18 month but the are generally too big. He still isn't talking but has managed to now have 8 teeth.

    However due to lots of changes in our household - the birth of our baby girl and my oldest son starting school for the first time this week! He has gone back to refusing to eat anything unless it is on his terms. He is a very stubborn stroppy little 20month old!!

    He has become very clingy and is enjoying me being at home on maternity leave.

    On the whole he is brilliant and is in a toddler bed in a room with his big brother. We have also started potty training as he hates his nappy and it makes his eczema worse - his face was a picture when he died his first wee on the potty. He loves running around with no bottom half on!

    Hope everyone else is doing well
  • Hiya,

    I haven't really popped in much after George was born. I came on here to look at joining a new TTC thread image anyone else trying or preg? xjx
  • Hi

    Good luck with ttc.

    I am not ttc now that I have 3 I can't try anymore as they say it is too dangerous. I am happy with my 3 children though and am making the most of my newborn cherishing every moment knowing it won't happen again!!

    Good luck
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