I may just be a little paranoid but of late our toddler has been drinking a great deal (so much so she's putting her BFing mother to shame) and I'm having to do toilet checks almost every hour, two tops. DH has started to raise concerns on whether this is normal or should we be consulting GP (diabetes runs in his family).

Any advice/experience on how much your LO's drink would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Hun

    My DD has always been a guzzler, I would say that she has at least 16oz of water plus her milk which is another 8oz throughout the day.

    Has she always drank quite a lot or is it a recent thing? If it is more recent then maybe a trip to the docs wouldn't be a bad idea but if not I wouldn't worry.

  • Hi hun, ds is just 2 and will guzzle water like there is no tomorrow. We were worried for a bit but hv said it was fine. He will easily drink 3 full 400ml cups of water plus milk on top of it. His nappies are always heavy and full. Hope this puts your mind at rest x x
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