The unwelcome Birthday Present

Well Samantha officially turned 2 on Monday & has thoroughly enjoyed her party & gifts. The downside, our family day out on her birthday has seen the entire family come down with colds, DH is sneezy, I'm coughing & spluttering (nice sexy hoarse voice), Samantha is wheezing & even poor Hannah is slightly buinged up. Hope it passes soon, feeling more tired than ever. image


  • I thought I was the only one whose family get ill at family occasions.

    Oskar turned 2 last Wednesday but we didn't get to do anything at all. My oldest son woke up in the morning unable to open his eyes - had to go to doctors as he has conjunctivitis. Meant he had to stay off school for the rest of the week. He also has a cold. Which Oskar hasn't got (touch wood) but Oskar decided he needed to have more attenitn so last night when he was lifted out of the bath he decided to make a run for it naked and slipped on the lino(being wet as well!!) and cracked his head open on the laundry bin. Ended up in A&E until midnight last night with him and my 4 month old waiting for them to stitch him up. He had his head superglued in the end and has butterlfy stitches. WIll make lovely pictures for xmas with my youngest one having her first xmas.

    Hopefully your colds will have started to improve by christmas
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