Biting!!! (Also in BFing Chat)

Hi girls

Last night I had my first bite!! Toby has only just got his first tooth coming through, at 8.5 months. To think I was fretting about him being a late teether - now I realise how lucky I was. When I went to give him his bedtime feed he deliberately (I swear) took my nipple in his mouth, pulled and bit down as hard as he could. I actually screamed in pain!! I pulled him off, said NO really loudly and tried again, and he did exactly the same thing again! So again I pulled him off and said NO, before switching sides - and he bit me on that side too!

So I decided he wasn't hungry and put him to bed (he had had his previous feed at 5pm rather than the usual 4pm and it was pretty clear he wasn't hungry!). We were out last night so MIL gave him a bottle when he woke up at about 8:30 - I had one ready as I figured he would be hungry while we were out after going to bed without milk!

I was dreading the morning feed today but it was fine - obviously if he's hungry it doesn't occur to him to bite me, lol!

Has anyone else been through this - please tell me it's a phase?!?!? It hurt so much but I don't want to give up BFing image

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  • I feel your pain Charlotte, literally! When Hugo got his bottom teeth he gave me a good nip and I nearly wet my pants and jumped 3 feet in the air at the same time! Thankfully he hasn't done it again - I'm especially thankful as he now has one top tooth with the next one coming in hopefully tomorrow so if he bit me now it would be a nipple-ectomy for sure!

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