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Has anoyone elses...

rational thoughts gone out of the window?!

I feel like I need a kick up the backside and to tell me to stop being silly! I can't seem to think clearly about why DS isn't sleeping, crying etc yet when someone says 'maybe he was cold' it makes perfect sense - why didn't I think of that?

When my friends had babies I was more than able to reassure them about how they were doing, give probable reasons as to why their baby was behaving in a certain way yet when it comes to MY baby I lose all rationality :roll:

Am I the only one like this?


Edited due to typos - I blame tiredness!


  • I haven't been too bad with this issue this time, I think because I'm not missing out on much sleep, however with dd1 I went through this A LOT! I would be in a panic, trying to figure out what was wrong with her, having NO idea, and my mum would turn around with an idea that not only fixed the problem but was also so obvious!

    It will get better, you're just tired!
  • I haven't exactly had this but I do seem to lose the plot a little when I have guests and that then in turns causes DD to play up! I think I'm so focussed on everyone seeing what a wonderful baby she is that I forget everything I know.... It's like she cries and when I'm on my own and it's midday I know she wants feeding, if there's guests here I panic and it takes somebody to day "maybe she's hungry"!!!! It really annoys me as the last couple of times people have been over she's been crying the whole time yet she hardly ever cries!!!! image xxx
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