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Well, after today's scan, we told our children. They are thrilled and very excited.

The very first things dd1 asked was can we get a hear the baby thing like Charlotte's mummy had?


So now I'm thinking should I buy a doppler? They are quite reasonably priced, but is it just a frivolous product? I think well it would be kind of nice but I've not had one before and so I know you can certainly get from bump to baby with out one.

Does anyone have any thoughts on them?



  • Hi Hun!

    Glad all went well at your scan!

    In my last pregnancy I was bought a Doppler but I ended up selling it on eBay as I could never find the heartbeat and it used to panic me!

    For me personally it made me worry more but I do know that some of my friends have loved theirs!

    Good luck in whatever you decide!


  • Hey hun,

    Glad everything was good at the scan, i bought the angel sounds one last time and did love it but it took some time getting used too. I then gave it to my sister and don't think i'll see it again. This time i'm going to borrow a friends, she has the more professional one and it picks up babies heartbeat lovely or so i'm told... it's still too early for me to bother looking.

  • OH bought one from ebay last week and heard the babies heart beat first time we tried, WE LOVE IT.

    I find it difficult to find baba's heart beating tend to just hear different noises which I keep assuming it's movement but not too sure. OH seems to find it straight away which is nice because it makes him smile every time he finds it and it's like he bonds with the baby aswell.

    I think thier amazing things to be able to use when ever you feel like hearing the baby but also think it's personal choice.

  • Not sure how much they are to buy but with dd I hired one online poss through eBay, from hi bebe, cost a tenner for 4 weeks which you could extend and was the same as the one the midwife used. I only used it from about 14 weeks until I could feel the baby moving but loved it. Got my scan on Mon, then will be hiring one again.
  • g/c but I've borrowed the angel sounds from a friend. She didn't get on with it but I've found the heartbeat every time within a couple of minutes. It's fab! You do need to use the ultrasound gel though. I try not to listen every day, but it's difficult.. can also hear bubs moving around, and sometimes try talking which s/he reacts to now. I'm only just feeling movement, so it's nice to hear it instead.
  • i was going to get one and then decided against it as I was scared it would make me worry! but now i think i want one!!! How many weeks can u hear it from!?

  • We are getting one at the end of the month. I wanted one now but hubs thinks if its too early to hear the heartbeat it would make me worry (and he's right) ill be 17 weeks at the end of the month and as the mw can pick up heartbeat at 16 weeks it should be fine we are getting a sonoline b as it has the heatrate on it (so i wont be mistaking my heartbeat for babys!)

    Im currently 14 weeks and we heard the heartbeat yesterday at the hospital so hubs may cave a bit earlier!!!
  • We bought ours from ebay, It's an AngelSounds one and we found the heart beat at 12 weeks. We find the heart beat every time but some times it does take a little while as baba is such a wriggler hehe.

    It also cost ??25 it came with 2cd's to record the heart beat, headphones, battery, some gel and instruction book.

    I don't really use the gel either I use palmers cocoa butter instead then I can just rub it all over my belly and it's a lot less messy.

  • Hi, gatecrashing but I have a proper digital doppler that I bought on ebay or ??30. My friend gave me an angel sounds one but I could never find the HB. With the one I have now its awesome, I can see the heart rate on the screen so know it is baby I have picked up. I don't use it every day just now and again. Last weekend my MIL came to visit and it made her day hearing it. My advice, if you are going to buy one invest in a proper digital one, its so much easier to use x
  • thanks for the advice ladies!! Think I might borrow my friends to see how easy they r to use and then i might get one!! xx
  • I got my friends one yesterday and picked up babies heartbeat after a few minuted it was 160 bpm so it was defo baby and was so lovey to hear.

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