been in hospital baby tried to come

I went into labour on wednesday at 31+4 wks. Luckily waters didnt go so drs managed to stop labour. Ive had 2 lots of steroids to mature his lungs. Been taken off the tablets to stop labour now that steroids have had time to work.

Luckily we had some.warning this time as with my dd it happened the other way. My waters went then contractions started and i delivered 3 hrs later at 32+5.

So girls make sure you get your bags packed. Aftrr dd ive had mine packed since 28wks.


  • OMG what a dramatic time for you!

    I'm glad to hear that they could stop the labour and also that you've experienced this before so although it was still a shock, you were prepared.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that little one holds on in there a while longer before making a more welcome appearance closer full-term image
  • Hi kar1234uk, just checking to see how you are?
  • im good thanks baby still tucked up. every twinge, ache, baby wriggle weirdly and damp knickers have me wondering if this is it.

    physically im feeling absolutely fine. since i went into labour and my bump had dropped down (although midwife yesterday said that his head is not engaged but sitting on the bone, she did say that as its my second then the head is probably bobbing in and out of my pelvis)im much more comfortable, easier to get comfy in bed, sleeping better, no heartburn or indigestion only problem is im weeing for wales now.

    just living on borrowed time now and each day is a bonus and a day less he will have to spend in scbu.

    how are you? how many weeks are you?
  • Ahhh hun, hope baby stays put for at least a few more weeks xx
  • Thanks. Well ended up back n hospital on wednesday with contractions again. Last week when i was examined cervix was still quite high and hardly dilated. This time contractions were stronger and they found i was 1cm and cervix had shortened to 2cm. At this point they would expect your cervix to be around 4cm so something is happening down there. Drs agreed this time better to let nature take its course. After few hours contractions settled down and by morning had stopped so im back home. Just wish he would make up his mind if he is coming then come if not stop buggering about.

    Im now the most pregnant ive ever been. Dd came at 32+5.and today im 32+6
  • Oh hun, sounds like a very stressful time, bet you're waiting for every niggle now! Every day he stays put is a bonus and day closer to meeting him! X
  • Haven't been on for a while!

    Gosh Kar1234uk i know you said before about your dd coming early but i thought you might have this one tucked in for a while!!!

    How are you? hows baby? Am so glad to hear you've had the steriods and that baby is still tucked in!! congrats on the other hand for your longest time being pregnant, hope your relaxing and enjoying it!!! Also glad to hear that hubby was with you!!! image

    Stay in touch and let us know how your getting on!!

    x x x
  • thanks girls had a few more instances of tightening and pains but baby still tucked up. just waiting and hoping. feeling really guilty but im hoping its sooner rather than later that baby will make an appearance. really had enough now, by this point my daughter was 1wk old and i was back in my jeans so feeling over due already. im dreading the possibility of another 6 to 8 weeks
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