I've had my baby!!

Hiya, I was due on 2nd December, but my little girl decided to make her entrance on Sunday 13.11.11

We have called her Abigail Sadie, and she weighed a rather impressive 9lb 8oz image image

Jo xx


  • CONGRATULATIONS!! Thats fab news and what a size!! lol. Can I ask, were you measuring big at all? Reason I ask is that I am measuring 49cm and due on the 3rd and to put it bluntly, Ive had enough and want to meet baby, lol. so hoping baby may put in an early appearance if they are running out of room. image
  • Congratulations what a lovely name. Wow can you imagine what she would have weighed if you had gone full term x
  • Its scares me how much she could have weighed! image

    BlakeybluesMummy, I had been measuring big, at 33+5, I measured 38, but consultant put it down to a growth spurt as at 34+4 and 35+5 was still measuring 38 weeks. He didn't do a scan though because my bump was all baby, and that was nothing to worry about!!! (Says a man who wouldn't have to push a big baby out :roll: )
  • Wow, congratulations and best wishes!!!
  • Congratulations. I'm hoping for an early appearance too x image
  • Huge congratulations mummyjt!

    Makes it even more exciting now the first of our bunch is here safe and sound.

    Im worried too about the size of this little man feeling and looking much bigger than with my son who was 9lb 2oz @ 2 weeks early!

    Hope you are getting on great and not too sore.

  • Thank you for your congratulations,

    Abigail and I are doing great, she is an angel, and we all love having her in our lives. Due to a little bot of jaundice she lost 15oz, but that has cleared up and her weight is now back up to 9lb 0.5oz

    She is beautiful...


    ...although I am biased!!

    I'm looking forward to hearing of everyone else's BA's

    Jo xx
  • Hi, gratecrasher here from due in jan!

    Congrats, ur baby is gorgeous!

    I have read ur VBAC story in that forum and it has really inspired me as I'm trying for a vbac too.

    It jus shows ur perserverance really paid off! I emailed ur story to my hubby just to show that we shouldn't give up if my labour ends up being drawn out (I had probs dilating last time resulting in c section)

    anyhow congrats again and trust ur enjoying u new bundle of joy

  • COngratulations hun, she is beautiful and a great size xx
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