Am I mad........?

With Sam 1 month old tomorrow I can now officially say that I have already wanted to ttc again for about 3 weeks !!! image :lol:

I know its nuts but he is just soooooo perfect, I had the best labour and birth and i really want to do it all again!

Am I actually loosing the plot??!

Any one else broody already?



  • Hi g/c but just wanted to say I was the same, couldn't wait to start ttc again.

    We start when dd was 8 weeks and I was pregnant again by the time she was

    16 weeks. I love having a small age gap. Dd1 is 26 months and dd2 is 14 months and they are the best of friends.

    Good luck x x x x
  • Thanks for your reply. Daft question, how much harder is it having 2 than 1, esp that close??

    I know thats unanswerable but i thought id ask it anyway!!lol!x
  • I'm not gonna lie the first 12 weeks with a new born and a 1 year old was very hard but after

    That it just got easier every day. I found Having a routine helped, we have b/fast, lunch, naps, dinner and bed at the same time everyday, this works very well for me plus me and hubby have every evening from 7 on our own.

    We started ttc no3 when dd2 was 5 months but unfortunately had 2 mmc's last year, some people think I'm mad but I always wanted 3 close in age x x x x
  • I have a 21mth gap between my 2 girls & again would say that the first few weeks were hardest, BFing DD2 & trying to explain to DD1 'why'. Once there is more of a routine to feeding & napping it gets much easier & having two close together in age they are very sweet together.
  • hihi so nice to see there athor `crazy to be mothers` :lol:

    i`m only 21 weeks pregnant and i`m already so unpatiant to hold my baby ... and goes with the clear idea that i want to start trying for another wright away!

    btw ... how soon after birth is save to get pregnant again?does that affect somehow breastfeeding...?
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