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weight gain!

Hi ladies, How you doing? I'm just wondering abt weight gain. This time in first trimester I have put on 6lbs on my tiny 5 ft frame , usually a 10 to 12 so really feeling the gain. Since then I have stayed steady, I have been over indulging badly though. I have a real food obsession. Mainly for carbs and cheese red cheese in particular and junk. Trying to eat fruit but let's be honest a double cheeseburger from mc ds is so more appealing! Please someone save me from myself lol x


  • Forgot to say I am 15 + 2 x
  • LOL that did make me chuckle bluestar image I'm not sure how much I've put on, I keep meaning to weigh myself at work as I don't have any scales at home. I'm definitely getting a bump (I'm 15 weeks) but I'm not sure how much is baby and how much is just fat! I do tend to put weight on around my waist and tummy so it's quite likely that most of what I think is bump is just weight gain. 

  • I am 17 + 2 and think I have gained about 2lbs so far although not entirely sure of my starting weight as only started to weigh myself at around 6 weeks.  I am a little concerned that I should have put on a little more by this stage so hoping everything is alright! Didn't eat that much during the first 12-14 weeks due to nausea and sickness so I guess that probably has something to do with it.  Don't have much of a bump although trousers definitely feel a little more snug these days though I am similar to you Gonnabeamummy, any weight gain goes straight to my tummy area : (



  • I've probably put on about 7lb, which isn't good as still had baby weight from last time. Im 13+4 and 5'8. This weight gain is nothing to do with pregnancy though, have been going through a really rough time resulting in daily tension headaches so felt very sorry for my self and been totally over indulging image must be more restrained! X
  • Gonnabeamummy if you haven't weighed yourself then I suggest u dont! Either way u will end up worrying lol like u I put weight on very easily on my tum. That's where most of it is but as it looks bump like its ok !

    Lullebelle don't worry abt only haven't put 2 pounds on, your baby will take what it needs from you before u get any goodness so baby will be fine. If you had bad sickness then you prob lost before you gained.

    My bs I hope your headaches are starting to ease. I know how bad they get although haven't been suffering this time so you have my sympathies x
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