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I Bought a doppler! :D

After much thought! i decided to buy a fetal doppler! £27.95 off of ebay! and i can safely say it is the best money i have ever ever spent! it takes some patience some time trying to find the heartbeat! but being able to hear it any time of the day you want is truly amazing! I Love listening in to my babys heart! ( although my partner thinks im becoming obsessed with it)image maybe i am? so what! its amazing! and i love listening to it! whats everyone elses views on buying a doppler? i believe if you dont get dis hearteneed when you cant find the heartbeat and your patient then its totally worth the money! sometimes i dont find the heartbeat but with persaverence i find that i find it after a maximum of 5 minutes sometimes! image but the more you use it you get used to where your baby likes to wonder! currently my baby likes right above my pubic bone and just below my belly button to the right! its funny hearing it move also when doing its heartbeat and following where it moves too! image so yeh.... whats your views on dopplers? , katie 


  • Lovely to hear! I am the anxious type though so would freak out if I couldn't find it. Prob best I don.t get one lol. It would he lovely to hear hb when ever you like. Does it tell you how fast its going? X
  • yup it does! tells me exactly what the babys heart rate is! so its quite cool! image im very anxious but i told myself if the midwive manages to hear it and i dont then im sure its still fine as the midwive found it! image x

  • Do you believe the old wives tale? Higher than 140 hb its a girl below its a boy, also if it sounds like a train its a boy afnd a galloping horse its a girl! U should write them down for fun and see if its right! X
  • Mmmmm no not really! but i never heard the noise one! i was actually thinking yesterday to my self it sounds like a galloping horse! so might be a girl! i was addiment it was a boy to begin with but im thinking its going to be a girl now! having a gut feeling of it being a girl! how many weeks are you? xx

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